Thursday, May 18, 2006

Eat all you can

Grabe na ito... super tagal ko nang hindi nag-blog ever... heniways, check out a real nice resto.. it's an eat all you can restaurant for only 600++ a plate: BRAZIL BRAZIL
they serve you grilled stuff from beef down to bananas. sobrang sarap and sulit. all the side dishes are placed in the buffet table: pasta, rice, soup, salads, etc. pati na rin desert. the main course, they serve in a different way.

food comes with 3 types fo sauces: gravey, bbq, at isa pang hindi ko na maalala.

each table has this yoyo thing with a red side and a green side.. when the green side's up, it means they can serve you ANYTHING from the grill.. it the red side's up, stop muna... er, i was the one who kept on flipping this thing to green.. mwehehehe..

here is how they serve the main dish. they just bring it to your table and slice it in front of you while you help them with a thong... super yummy... i tried their roast beef, pork, german sausage. they also served chicken legs, pineapple, banana, etc.

so when you pass by rockwell, dont forget to try BRAZIL BRAZIL!!

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