Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Noong Birthday Ko

I recently turned 25! =) Just wanna share pictures of my week-long celebration! (hindi ko 'to libre lahat ha! easy!) At dahil maraming nagmamahal sakin, ako ay tumaba nanaman kakakain!
Having pizza with my sis, mel, and noel last sunday (25)
sept. celebrants
Lunch at cravings with all September celebrants! (26)
chilis with boo's family
Lunch at chilis with boo's family... not because it was my birthday though.. may answerd prayer kasi sila! =) (24)
bday with cuzins at bonapetite
dinner at bonapetite wtih my cell group/cuzins (16)
AT SIYEMPRE PAAAA! My boo gave me super pretty flowers! mmmmmwaaaaaah! tek a luk o!(sobrang komang pala ako no?)
from my boo

Friday, September 23, 2005

Cool glasses

my new look
Originally uploaded by dessagirl.

Check out my new glasses!!! Penny, my officemate made these for Apple who was feeling really sleepy 2 days ago. Isnt it effective? You can wear these during boring meetings and no one will know you dozed off. Wahahaha! NO ONE WILL KNOW THEY ARE FAKE! It's the perfect Christmas gift and halloween costume (i love halloween)! for orders, please dial 1-iwantmyglassestoo! First 37 callers gets an extra pair free!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005



Seven things that scare you:

2.Papaya sliced open with all the seeds inside (parang puro matang nakatinghin sakin eh)
3.Baha and Bagyo
5.Scary lolas with long white hair na mataray
6.Kathy's dad.. (heehee)
7.My boo (when he is SUPER mad)

Seven things you like the most:

1. Laughing
2.Purple stuff
4.Cute fat babies
6.Bargain hunting

Seven important things in your bedroom:

1.My snugglepuffs
2.all the food under my bed
3.electric fan
4.the boxes boo gave me for Christmas
5.mirror goofy phone!

Seven random facts about you:

1.i like smelling kilikilis
2.i pinch anybody's big butt
3.i am ticklish from head to toe
4.i am komang
5.cry baby
6.actually has frizzy hair (i love rebonding)
7.i usually snore

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1.get married
2.see my kids have kids
3.go to a super beautiful secluded beach
4.decorate my own house
5.lose weight! a good cook
7.i'm not sure yet

Seven things you can do:

1.teach preschool kids
2.text with my eyes closed by plane to another cournty alone
4.sleep until 1:30 PM chocolate as if it were rice
6.listen honest

Seven things you can't do:

1. swim vegetables (lots of it)
5.write anything without any mistakes in spelling
6.sit up straight for 5 mins
7.leave my pimple alone

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
3.the way he talks
4.when he is maasikaso
5.sense of humor
7.spritual maturity

Seven things you say the most:

5.gutom ako
6.i'm sleepy

Seven celeb crushes (whether local or foreign):

2.keanu reeves
3.richard gomez
4.john hall
6.marcus shenkenberg something
7.cant think of anyone else as of the moment

Seven people you want to see to take this quiz:

2.princess em


Hong Kong Disneyland

My parents were so blessed to be invited to a dry run of the park. Our friend, Pastor Demi is one of the engineers of Hong Kong Disneyland.. before they opened the park last Sept.12, each employee was allowed to bring 4 (can you imagine?!) persons for an overnight stay at the Disneyland Hotel with breakfast and dinner, and of course, to go around the park and watch all the shows and parade!!! Nakakainggit!! Nway, hopefully the Lord will allow me, my sister, and my boo would go there early next year. Here are some pixs i wanna share:
The train (i think this is the MTR) that takes you there:
train goin to HK disneyland
I know this picture's dark but find the hidden micky:
micky handles
The Disneyland Hotel:Pastor Demi and my Mom and Pastor Sunny at the back!
disneyland hotel
My parents saw this parade and of course, para inggitin ako, got lots of pix with my goofy!
my parents with goofy and pluto
My mom got me a goofy pen, ruler, and of course magnet. other items were way expensive daw
my new goofy pen

Thursday, September 08, 2005

My cousins!

My cousins and I usually meet every Friday for our cell group. It's the time where we all sit together and share whatever we have in our minds.. (uuuy, mejo emotional ito minsan..) then we pray for each other. Our topics usually revolve around scriptures we read from the Bible (which vary every week). It' s a real nice experience and it's been going on for 2 months now.

Last Friday, after our cel, we took pictures coz my ate ghe had a tripod and loooooooooooovees collecting pictures.

@ ate ghe's place


(L-R) SARAH - full time mom to 3 kiddies! JENNY- full time mom to 2 kids! GHE - older sister of jenny, graphic artist, mommy to baby justine! RONS - my lil sis, engr at a japanese firm! (BELOW) BECK - full time mom to her one and only son, gabriel, makes accessories, and bakes too! and the girl in bright green is meeeeh!

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