Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Eating Alone

I always thought eating alone wasnt my thing. I can eat alone at home.. but never in a public place.. i remember when i was in college.. even if i was hungry to death and my acid starts kicking in, i would never eat alone! if i couldn't find anyone i know in the cafeteria, i'd buy a waffle or anything i can eat while walking. i'd walk around campus going nowhere! kawawang loner. even at the mall. i'd always buy a drink and eat while window shopping. i like shopping alone, by the way.
Last Tuesday though, i was reallllyyyy hungry and i knew i had to eat something heavy coz i was going to the gym at around 8 pm. since i cldnt find anyone to eat with me, i went downstairs by myself. i've been craving for pesto from figaro so i went straight to the coffee shop. i was tyring to decide wthr or not i should have it to-go and eat it in the pantry or eat it there and have all the cheese i want. Well, for the first time, i decided to eat alone. it felt weird and the place was almost empty. i read magazines that are soooo not intersting for me just to avoid looking weird with no one to talk to while eating. after a few minutes, i left the place satisfied and unharmed. heeeeheeee. maybe i should try it more often.
i think those who can't eat alone may have something to do with their self-confidence. although i am ok with myself, i guess i can do better. basta weird talga if you eat alone.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Fairly OddParents!!!!

fairly oddparents

Aside from Spongebob SquarePants, i also find another cartoon from Nickelodeon really hilarious! It's THE FAILY ODDPARENTS!

This is about a little boy, Timmy, who has fairly oddparents. Not only do they give him anything that he wishes for, but they also give him good advice! His OddParents are wanda and cosmo. Wanda is the witty and smart one and acts like a real godparent. Cosmo on the other hand.. needs more brain power! Harhar! I also find timmy's teacher, Mr. Crocker, (ito yung kontrabida) really funny coz he twitches in a real weird way when he says: "Fairly-Odd-Parents!" He's always trying to prove they exist but never really succeeds!


Here are the major characters:

Timmy - The boy with the silly pink hat and fairy god parents. The kid who the show is about.

Wanda - She is one of Timmy's Fairy God Parents. She usually is smart and gentle and she will remain that way unless you make her mad. If you do, oh boy... it's over for you. (She has been known for making dinosaurs extinct).

Cosmo - Cosmo is Timmy's other God Parent. Most of the time he is not too bright, but he's a real fun person to be around.

Timmy's Mom & Dad - Timmy's mom and dad are well meaning, yet slightly weird parents. They both love Timmy more than anything.

Vicky - Vicky is Timmy's extremely nasty baby-sitter.

AJ - AJ is one of Timmy's best friends and likes to play his video games (created by magic). Plus, he's very smart and girl-crazy!

Chester - Chester is very much like AJ. They both like Timmy and are his best friends. He has blonde hair and braces, and his father was the worst major league baseball player ever.

Mr. Crocker - Mr. Crocker is Timmy's wacky teacher. He always wants to find Timmy's GodParents!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Pathological Liars...

I came across this article on pathological liars.. it's really cool and intersting especially if you know someone who has the habit of doing it. Nway, read on if you are intersted.

dessagirl disorder 2005-003: PATHOLOGICAL LYING

A pathological liar believes in the lies, at least at the time that she or he is talking. Their stories tend to be very dramatic. They often portray the person as being smarter, braver, more attractive, or more interesting than she or he really is. Sometimes people begin to catch onto pathological liars because of obvious flaws in the stories. A fairly young man will describe his heroics in the Vietnam war. A homely woman will talk about all the men who fell instantly in love with her. Sometimes the flaws may be more subtle and it may take a knowledgeable person to find them. Often it happens that a pathological liar will be caught out at a party by someone who really was a pilot, really lived in Africa, or really was a fashion model.
Suspect a pathological liar if:
-the stories seem too dramatic or unrealistic
-the lies seem to serve no purpose except to impress people or
-the lies can easily be shown up
Sometimes pathological lying appears to be related to physical causes, such as problems in the brain. Other times they appear to be related to low self-esteem. In any case, good diagnosis and treatment is needed. Contact your healthcare provider for assistance and referrals if needed.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My Trip to the Aloha State

Aloha! Last month, i had a chance to go back to hawaii after 10 years. It's still one of the most beautiful places on earth because of its weather, people, and the island itself. We stayed at our family friend's house, the Suetos'. Although the trip was short and tiring, it was such a blessing to be there again.

Tita Lina took me and my parents to pearl harbor. This is called the USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL. This is such a cool place: you can take a boat going to one of the ships that sank (Arizona). They made this port thingy where you can stand up and when you look over the window, you can see the battle ship below you. Most people who visit here are the japanese. Here's a pic of Tita Lina, my mom, and I at Pearl Harbor:

pearl harbor
Then we went to the Aloha Tower. It's this tower near waikiki and i took some pictures from the top. You can see almost all of the island from there.
view of hawii from the aloha tower
The highlight of my stay in hawaii was the encounter God retreat. This was the main reason why i went with my parents. Last June 2004, i got a chance to attend this retreat and was empowered by the holy spirit. Last March, i was already part of the staff who facilitated the retreat. I did small talks/lectures with 5 teenagers who were all filipinos but mostly were born in hawaii so they can't speak in filipino. Again i am thankful to the Lord for using me and my family in this ministry. There were about 15 attendees from the Filipino congregation and the EGR was held in makaha golf club and resort. This experience reminded me of the prayer of Jabez: where you ask the Lord to expand your teritory to fulfill the great commission of sharing Christ to those who are lost. Doing mission work and ministry outside my country helped me realized that it is possible for God to use an ordinary girl like me to actually share his love to others. Pastor Randy, (pastor of Waipahu Church) asked me to come back this September so i can handle the youth again... hmm payagan kaya ako mag leave? plus yung leave ko for hong kong disneyland? plus yung leave ko for my summer getaway? parang feeling ko ang dami ko pang leave credits. Nway, here's a pic of most of the kids i handled (from left to right: melissa, moi, venus, baby jane, and leni-tita lina's daughter)
Well, hope to be back soon... Sarap kasama ang aking hapines dito... yihee!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Kadiring Blog for today

ey, i know this is really gross for a lot of you. but, HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU?
eheheehhe.. i know people who get really turned off when the opposite sex is in this state. here in the philippines, one cannot help it sometimes kasi mainit talga. diba?makikita mo ito sa jeep, construction site, sa gym, concert, at kung sansan pa. harharharhar!

pero sabi nga ni doc emer, ang kilikili powers ay may positive effect rin think you can be attractive when your armpits are sweaty?

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