Sunday, July 20, 2008


saw DARK KNIGHT yesterday. here are my comments

1. the story had a really good sense.. not the usual batman movie

2... but i have to watch it again to catch every single detail

3. no wonder why they say heath (spell check) couldn't take the role.. joker was a sad character

4. joker was excellently played by the late heath ledger.. sayang..
5. i dont kids can watch it..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prep Camp

Visisted PREP CAMP 2 weeks ago. i used to be a pre school teacher and this was my first job. the school has a new building and it looks great! it was a surprise visit. sayang nga, was not able to document it. my phone got busted and my dad was waiting for me outside so i was in a rush.. i said hi to the teachers and visited one of sheka's class.. this is the only pic i took. after that, my camera stopped working.. =(
i miss teaching so much.. i know this will still be my calling after many years in the corp world.. i wish i could go back to my classroom with my old students (who are probably in 6th grade right now) and just stay in for a rainy day...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

umbrella covers and more

was really rainy in hk when we arrived there the other weekend. nways, one of the things i noticed was that stores provided plastic bags for your umbrellas when you walk in so you dont get their place all muddy.

one store had this nice container out front. tek a luk!

you slip your umbrella in the hole on top and pull it out of the box towards you. and behold: your payong is now in a plastic and is no longer dripping all over the place.

i duno if you guys seen this stuff around but for me, this was a first. i wonder what they call it?

another weird thing i saw during my vacation was this gigantic walking stick? mantis? ewan.. it was almost a foot long... just there... on the wall... what the?? it really looked like a twig

another weird thing was this: strawberry butter.. super yummy... and when i asked our friend where they got it, she said someone brought it from GENERAL SANTOS city.. haller??? meron ba nito sa manila? bakit hindi ko alam?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Inside a HK cab

a funny reminder:


1. He commits and offence;

2. The driver of the vehicle may refuse the hire or to drive ; and

3. He may be required to pay the fare and leave the vehicle

MWEHEHEHEHEHE... c'mon it! enumeration time...

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