Friday, June 29, 2007

another divi trip

Of all the Divisoria trips i had, this must be the most difficult. iris and i had to go around almost all the areas to look for stuff to use in one of our events... bayani ito.. nevertheless, i still enjoyed going around and haggling for the best prices. went to areas i didnt usually go to and it was so hot, sticky and humid and the crowd was thick that day.

take a look at this street! my gulay! we also had this really nasty L300 pick us up na sobrang init ever!

i thought beads were only sold in quiapo coz that's where the girls i know get their stuff to sell as accessories. we saw a store full of wooden and plastic beads.. these were hanging really high!

tabora street had lots of native decors bags, hanging ornaments, and even raw materials like a yantok and these braided abaca thingamajig.. you can find almost anything here...couldnt get good pictures of all the stuff though.. baka ma-snatch ang akin phone.. wag naman..

my latest finds:

a goofy cel chain.. it's cute! his face on a yellow tsinelas. i like!

my bratz lunch box.. only for 100 pesos. they have strawberry shortcake, spongebob, etc.. i like this too!

the rest of the stuff we got were placed in the sako-bags... comes in different sizes. this one is about 30 by 20 inches for 40 pesoses

it'll be a while before i could go to divi again... which is a good thing. at least less shopping for me!

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