Wednesday, January 24, 2007


last dec, noel's mom invited us to dinner at d fort. the resto we tried is pretty small with about 6 tables inside and 3 outside.. surprisingly, lots of people were in line for a seat.. nways, their specialty is.. GUAVA.. obvious? i mean dishes served with guava..they serve modern pinoy food, which is good and not too pricy. around 200 for each viand. i am not a fan of sinigang with guava.. it was good though, but then i really prefer my sinigang to be really sour and a bit spicy.. yum! our appetizer was real good though.. i think it's a variety of rolls... yun nalang ginawa kong ulam plus a little sabaw

rolls with bopis? i think...her is our sinigang and my serving fo rice!

visist GUAVA at the serendra commercial complex. there are a lot of nice and new restos there too.. pati brazil-brazil meron dun! yummy!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

80's girl

We had an 80's christmas party last 22nd of December. waton had several posts about it already! it was really fun!

my friend, iris and i hosted the party. aside from the fact that we were running around for raffles, announcing winners, and intoducing the different presentations, we really had a great time! as for me, i won lots of rustan's g.c. that i used up in a couple of hours last 26 (first day of their year end sale was crazy)!! wuhu! bought them things na i wouldnt dream of buying with hard-earned cash like havianas, 500 peso jell cushion for your foot, etc. the rest i bought jeans na 999 nalang from 3K! and.. hmm.. what else.. black pumps! i gotta have shoes.. PLUS i still have 2k worth of g.c. to spend, thanks to boo's mom!!! woopy! more serious shopping.. i'm hoping to buy a nice black bag kahit tapos na yung sale nila.
mandark, my boss - sue, iris, watson, folen, dessagirl
my outfit won 80's icon of the night for MALE category.. harharhhar! and then my giant ghostbusters coloring book won 1st place for the 80's memorabilia contest. watson couldnt join coz he was organizing this one. hehehe! bet he had loads of entries. he's an 80's guru, you know. i also wanted to enter my 18-inch alf stuffed toy. if you press his belly button, he says all sorts of stuff.. i settled for the coloring book..
i cant wait for next year's party. what would make a nice theme next year? excited ba daw..

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thank You!

I have my starbucks planner.. my very first ever.. the planner does not usually interst me for the previous years.. but then when i saw the sample last dec, it looks different and a lot nicer! =) i would like to thank the following for my free drinks:

opis: for buying 5 regular drinks for our meeting

watson: for buying iris and i drinks after winning "2006 non-technical manager of the year"

melvin and rona: for buying one holiday drink to give the receipt to me!

tita norma: because noel forced her to buy the last 3 drinks dec30 so i can finally get my planner! hehe...

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