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Thursday, May 07, 2009

PACMAN shoes!

my nephew got them shoes last week. according to him, nike made 200 pairs and gave half to manny p. and the other half for retail.

SRP was US$110 plus tax. allan had to stand in line sa vegas to buy these babies. and! people are selling this like crazy at ebay for like $1k up! haller?

i think nike could have done better though.. wachu think?

these photos are grabbed from thanks pot!

p.s. look at these pair! cute no?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

R.I.P. fishy

some 8 years ago, i bought my sister 2 parrot fish for some occassion i cant remember. since then, they have been in our terrace..quietly observing everything that went on in our lives.. ehehehe (well, that's what i like to think) they know lotsa things other people dont know too!

last monday, when i came home. one of them was facing downwards, which is his usual thing.. yun pala patay na!!! =( he got sick and never ate.. mom said he's been that way for days.. this fish is nameless pero love ko ito.. he was bigger than my head na! super bigat pa.. i'll miss you fishy.. you were so tiny when you moved in with us...

this is how i found him..

poor fishy

rona was trying to use the net to get him out.. he was too fat

my suspect. they always fought! ~ look at that FATFAT face

huhu.. being fished-out..

finally.. look how pale he is.. he used to have this bright orange color

i insisted on a proper funeral! my fam was like: wag na.. =(..

so it's a landmark plastic for him.. i dont want to know where he ended up..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Impactong Tooth ~ Part 2

This time, the operation lasted for only 40 mins. the one i had last year was for 2 hours!!!!!!

My tooth this year had an unusual shape though. you know how the normal tooth is shaped like, right?

well, mine had its root shaped like a hook! sort of like a letter "J"... and to make the process even more difficult, they discovered that part of the hidden tooth was wrapped with a solid bone!!! my dentist had to drill it and chop it off (oh yeah!) my tooth was similar to this one.. only it's more J-shaped:

the anesthesia (spell check pls) used was super effective. i was only injected twice! (last year they had to give it to me 4x) my stitches were longer though.. all the way to the side of my mouth!

this experience is a very good reason for me to eat all the ice cream i can get! had my parents bring this home from hawaii last week: BEN and JERRY'S rocks!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yogoo a la Mode: make your own yogurt!

my nieces brought us to a yogurt store where you can have it any way you like it! at $.35 an ounce, you get all the yogurt you want fat-free!!

i dont like yogurt that much but this is really good. the strawberry kiwi tasted good!

i guess this is where teenagers from their neighborhood like to hang: pinoy yang mga batang yan! akala mo eh 23 na! mga 18 palang yan.. mga musmos!

here's where the fattening stuff comes in: your toppings! i had chocolate chips, gummy bears, and fresh strawberries and kiwi in mine... (drooling again)

lizette, princess tita rona and tita dessa:

i really liked it so we had a second round with nico and amen:

they have this wall you can write on.. and erase after.. people write weird stuff on Vday, everyone asked if they can be his her valentine and left bogus numbers.. ngek

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Bestest Burger in the World

i think the first time i had my in n out burger was back in 2000 with ida mae and paula and gio.. it was soooooooooooooo goooooooood!

this resto is found only in the west coast.. they only have like three types of orders

1. burger meal
2. cheeseburger meal
3. double cheese burger meal

#2 is my fave!!! nways, i dont really remember the exact menu but it's that simple!!! the burgers are so plain with no special eck eck sauce.. but it's soooo yummy... the fries... aaahhh... are made from fresh potatoes and not those frozen ones. when you go to california, dont miss this... it's the bestsest bestest burger in the world!!!! (drooling)

lizette and my lil sis..

easy there..


drink all you can..

rona, what the heck?

dont you want one now??


was trying to tell a story to my nieces.

tita rona, princess, tita dessa, jasmine

the bestest ever burger in the world for me is: IN n OUT!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

John and Yoko

some complains about John and Yoko in Greenblet 5:

1. my friend, Jacky, went up to the receptionist and said she wanted a table for 4. the girl (who looks like nina) told her she has to be with her friends before they can offer her a table (what the heck?)

2. while that was going on, i was already inside, wating for her. the same receptionist was the one who gave me my table

3. everytime we "finished" one plate, someone would come out of no where and ask us if they can take it away already. so even when my friend wanted to eat some more, she just nodded. by the time they did that to our 3rd dish, the 3 of said NO strongly.. well, that's the time they stopped asking

4. when they gave us our change from our bill, it was kulang! the nerve!

i'm never going back there.. they have bad service.. staff is not friendly as well.. sayang.. their food was good pa naman...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

cooking 101 by dessagirl

ok.. since Christmas break was real long... had lots of time to do a dvd marathon of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., eat, sleep.. and yes, try to cook

since i do not know how to cook (at all) i decided to look for whatever we have in our kitchen to make me some pasta..

here's what i came up with:


mushroom in a can


spam lite

saute onion and garlic

and throw everything else with tomato sauce

mix it with your noodles and.. tada!

a dish no one literally ate! ~ except for me of course...

i think i did well. it tasted good but with a bit of weirdness in it.. i think it's the mushroom.. too much.. i placed the whole can into the sauce.. ehehehhe.. congratulations dessa girl!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

dating myself

here are some shots i tried to secretly take while enjoying some "me" time..

i've been learning to eat alone lately...

i used to really dislike the thought of eating alone since i felt so self conscious. but then lately i find myself in the mall lagi.. errr.. retail therapy ever. i prefer shopping alone (with no one to wait for me or no one i have to wait for...) and i get really tired and hungry after. since it's about an hour going home, i usually eat before i leave

i learned that eating alone is not so bad... you get a lot of me time.. eheheh.. but then i remember rachel (j. aniston from friends) being dumped by some guy since he saw her eating alone and felt that was weird. eh? may ganun ba talga lalaki?

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