Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cebu it!

first time to visit cebu ever... here are some things i will remember about cebu:

1. taxi cabs give you your change even if it's only 1.50 pesos! sows! dito parang kulang pa yung bayad mo nun! and, some cabs have their meters on the rearview mirror which takes me a while to look for it.. hehe
2. the enourmous pile of danguit and pusit and "tabuan" ba yun? that strong odor that sticks to me from head to toe, inside-out!

3. the magnificent borloloys! super cheap! variety is enless and prices are the best! borloloy attack. super cheap stuff are found in mactan shrine ba yun? um, robinson's mall (which by the way they call robi heehee), and a palenke at the back of cebu city hall. here are the stuff i bought from robai.. mga 1/3 ito ng lahat ng accessories na nabili ko for pasalu and moi...

4. TOP(S) - counterpart of antipolo in cebu. nice view! first time visitors get to ring the bell and make a wish. though it was a bit foggy that night, the view was still nice. .

5. the yummy food of chika-an, golden cowrie, dessert factory, cafe laguna, joe's chicken inato and parklane hotel buffet!

6.doni~ a local who has a shop in the prklane hotel lobby. she sells swim and lounge wear from the u.s. Designer at panalo ang mga material! you can bargain for the price if she's there and she'll give you a beany baby of your choice! i got a purple turtle! this is me looking over some good selections! (photo from pauline)

7. the nice places we visited..

8. and best of all, the people i've spent my trip with(ma'am sue, pauline, sir nick, and iris).. go team cebu!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

dont judge me, i'm not a book....

looking at the book cover and title makes me a bit nervous. it's so dark and scarry.. not a good impression that good will win over evil. worse, there is a possiblity that this book can prove me wrong... i have always defended harry potter books... that it doesnt promote the devil and stuff since harry and "the order of the phoenix" always wins.. however after reading book 6 where dumbledor dies, parang hindi ata tama yun.. so i guess i have yet to determine that...

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