Thursday, February 16, 2006

Transformation Ito

Hi! Had painful stuff done to my myself a couple of weeks ago.. and no, it's not lipo. but if i can afford that, why not? ang vain talga. nways, my froofy hair is no more since i'm on to my fourth rebonding session: soooooo, sabunot dito at sabunot doon. ouch!

Here is my famous rebonder and his bro. secret identity daw sila eh.
sabunot in all directions

then, i had 2 of my teeth extracted to put my braces. masakiiiiit! hindi ako nagbibiro. i drool when i sleep, i'm on a soft diet, and i cannot do other important things.. uuuugh! since i am older, the brace will have to stay in my mouth for a minimum of 2 years. having the elastics is real painful since it feels like you have pressure in your mouth every second. thank you, Lord at may ponstan. ang mga singaw ko ay pahaba since the wires scratch my inner cheeks when i talk and eat. thank you, Lord at may wax. the molar bands are a real pain as well. 4 of my molars are wrapd in steel, which makes it super uncomfortable and painful for me.

Here is doc aaron pulling out my tooth. i like his jacket. the one in the blue's clues suit is my cousin and dentist, doc cathy. it's because of her that i can finally afford braces:
tooth extraction

bukod sa nasaktan ang anit at bibig ko, nasaktan din and bulsa ko. aysus, kailangan wag muna dumaan sa mall... here is the wonderful result of my hair and mouth makeover: sana gumanda na ako.. mwehehe

braces ko
rebonded girl

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Magnet update!

Hi! look how my magnet collection grew! i havnt gone to all the places though.. most of the magnets were given by my colleagues, family, friends who travel. to those who brought me home magnets: thank you!

MAY 6, 2005
magnet collection
JULY 18, 2005
FEBRUARY 8, 2006
my magnets as of feb8,06

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Lost in the city

my best friend, kathy invited me to help out in her brother's exhibit a few weeks ago. Kuya jomike is now back from the states after studying there. they decided to put up their own studio. Check-out FISHEYE STUDIOS. Here is kuya jomike doing is speech...
fisheye's exhibit

my gosh, sobrang jologs ko. i took a cab from work going to RCBC plaza. i even asked my officemates if the carlos romulo theater was in the new building to make sure kasi ang alam ko RCBC had an old building where the mapua IT courses were being conducted. so anyways, i went up to the building and asked if the theater was inside. the stupid guard said: ay ma'am! hindi po dito. sa kabila pa iyon! and he pointed towards makati med. GULP! MANONG, pwede hong lakarin? --hindi daw. mag cab daw ako. buti nalang at pinilit ko maglakad. i went across ayala through the underpass and when it got to convergys, i asked around and everyone pointed me back to the building! i even called kath and told her it was in a different building since she was in shell already! jooooooolooooooogs! grabe pa naman magpanick yon. buti nalng she asked around and called me and told me i was supposed to go back.

so super pawis nako halos ma-jabar nako, i went back to the tunnel with the help of those guys who manage the parking lots in makati. (thank you sa inyo!)

in short, nagmuka akong timang sa makati. nasa kabilang dulo lang ng office namin ang building na ito at kung saan-saan pako tinuro ng guard. gusto ko shang sugurin kaya lang late na ang lola mo.. to think i promised to help out as a receptionist.. waaaaaaa!

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