Friday, April 27, 2007

Community Service

i have a really soft spot for lolos... as in when i see them alone, sick, or sad, or begging, etc.. i cry! literally!

so when we needed to visit Golden Acres Home for the aged in QC for our company's community service, i knew i was going to have one of those moments again. during our occular, i tried so hard not to cry when i saw the lolos sitting down in the chapel.. and before we started the activity.. i had to compose myself since i felt tears welling up already and iris and i were in charge of the program.

seeing the elderly sing, dance, and participate in games was really heart warming. especially when they thank you and ask you to come back.. =(.. the lolos and lolas of this institution btw are abandoned.. so no family really visits them except for the volunteers. i pray that when my parents grow old, i will be able to give them a happy and comfortable life..
photo from: pauline

Monday, April 23, 2007

Biglaang date

For me, it's always nice to have those "spur of the moment" get togethers.. be it with my family, friends, relatives, and noel.. i always enjoy them.. last thursday, i got a text message that 2 of my cuzins were at the mall and they asked me if i wanted to meet up with them then we could all take the shuttle together going home. havnt really been out with them for a while (although we see each other every week). i think the last dinner we had together was more than a year ago? i think we were still having our cell group last time. anyways, when i got there, they told me they were waiting for another cuzin of ours.. so when my kuya and his wifey got there, they decided to treat us for dinner.. hehe.. we ate at tokyo2x then left right away coz the hubbies of my cuzins were looking for them.. they were at the mall since 1030am (easy lang???!!! hehe) it was a really quick and simple get-together but i had a fun..


ate sarah's arm, ate beck, kuya lance, net (lance's wifey) and me (with a tooth missing)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ang Init!!!

Ang INIT!!!! sobrang init ngayon, promise. kahit hating gabi na, iba yung singaw/hangin! maski yung hangin na lumalabas sa electric fan mo, ang init! things that make the summer heat worse:

1. siksikan sa public tranpo
2. aircon na sobrang hindi kaya ang room/sasakyan
3. monthly period ( i am really dreading this)
4. jabar

however, i managed to find other things that can help me cool down:

1. have lots of cold drinks! frapps are a bit expensive so settle for oj, nescafe freeze (26 lang itich)
2. stay inside the office as much as possible!!!
3. always have ur pamaypay with you
4. for girls, try wearing skirts more often.. sobrang relieving compared to slacks and jeans

sana talga makapag beach naman ako this year.. kasi last year wala akong beach getaway =(.. this is my second year na po na hindi nagbeach.. huhu..

ganun pa man, mas gusto ko parin na mapawisan kaysa mabasa ng ulan. i really dont like it when it rains.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

during our sunrise service last Sunday, this song had an impact on moi:

"Jesus, I believe in You, and i would go to the ends of the earth.. to the ends of the earth.. for You alone are The Son of God and all the world will see You are God.. You are God"

i know it has no direct relation to His resurrection but then this is what i reflected on last easter..

hope you guys had a meaningful weekend. God bless!

Monday, April 02, 2007

my weekend

had a good but tiring weekend:

FRIDAY: had dinner with my HS friends at POLU KAI in serendra~saw my super close friend nung freshman high-THEA..last time i saw her was 10 years ago!~had a good talk with my girlfriends about our lives and how we all turned out to be~had good food at polu kai~ but i think should have eaten at TRIO in the fort instead since they had yummy pizza.. kaya lang sobrang busog nako~had iced cappuccino instead kahit sobrang sakit na ng throat ko~and! TIN told us her story of getting engaged! (kilig!!!)

dyan, tin and me at polu kai. jacky and ashley arrived after a few minutes..

that's tin's ring.. she and SHERWIN are finally engaged! congratulations!

SATURDAY: woke up late~arrived at work 11am~ left at 330pm~went around glorieta~saw a nice polka dot skirt on sale~went home to pack for splash island the next day

SUNDAY: woke up at 4am~attended the 630am worship service~met up with noel's cousins at splash island~stayed in the wave pool for 10mins~went on the slide with salbabida twice~ went around the river eckeck twice~went home and slept~ had super runny nose and bad cough while we were out~would have enjoyed more if we werent sick

noel and dessagirl = super sick after swimming

MONDAY: sick leave.. hehe..

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