Thursday, July 20, 2006

my eating out adventures

so ito nanaman ako, kumakain nanaman.. here are the resto's i tried lately. take note, i didnt spend more than 300 each resto!

here is MYLK (my little kitchen). i tried their roast pork, kiddie carbonara, salmon, etc. nakitikim lang ako ha. akin yung kiddie pasta. it was good! nice ambiance.. this resto in grnblt 3 has a country feel to it.. had dinner here with my family for my dad's bday and father's day.

authentic indian food... i think this resto is bombay,
this is surprisingly good for moi. my friends ordered chicken tikka, nan, um potatoes with cheese. it's really yummy and one order is good for 2 servings. my high school friends and i ate here twice within the last month. you should try it! it's in dela costa near ministop in front of somerset. i always have my food prepared in mild spicy manner. watson had a blog about this resto too. i'm not sure of the exact link but you can visit

another store would be recipes, also in greebelt 3. here is the extended bnb clan. dyan, moi, kirsten (dyan's bebe), tin, wilbert (ash's bf), ash, kikay, randel (jacky's bf), and jacky. too bad kikay's baby and noel couldnt make it. they have yummy chicken here.. i'm so sorry i forgot the exact thing kasi this was last june 12 pa.. everybody was happy with the food and shared the classic pinoy dishes like fried fish, beef salpicao (is this pinoy?) etc.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006


when i was in sophomore high, i noticed i had a small dot in my left breast. during the annual thingamajig in the school clinic, i'd show the doctor my tiny dot and they would say it' s nothing. birthmark pa nga daw. after college, it grew a bit and was more formed. when i had it checked lasta 2003, it was diagnosed as a HEMANGIOMA. anu ito? malay. havnt read any stuff about it but my surgeon said it's a clump of blood vessels. it's just unusual it was where it was. but no worries. i dont have to get it removed.

during my annual physical chuvanels last month, i insisted to have it checked. just in case. the rapid growth of girls i know who have breast cancer has made me more cautious. when i returned to the same surgeon, she said it was still a hemangioma. but bigger. and uglier. so i asked her calmly if i can have it removed asap. she said, ok. (it was monday then). so pwede ka sa friday? i was a bit shocked na ganun kabilis kasi last time i was operated is when the
monkey scratched my head. and i was, what? 2 or 3? after a few minutes of trying to keep my poise. i shouted: DOC!!!! MASAKIT BA??? GISING BA AKO??? waaaaaa! she said yung injection daw dun mismo would hurt. out patient lang ako.

so here i am, my wound still a bit open.. ew.. ayaw ko yung paghiwa sakin. bakobako and nangingitim. i need sebodemacho asap. so for now, no hiphop and belly dancing class for me. tsk..

i would like to thank the following:

the LORD.. for making my bukol benign

noel: for waiting for 5 hours with me before i could actually be operated. grabe, the day i was scheduled for surgery was hell coz the OR was so full. he was the one who brought me to the hospital and carried my bag after.. first time ito!!!!! hehe... i dont like guys carrying my purse for me.

my opis: for paying for everything

jacky: my best friend nung high school who is now an intern in mmc. she was with me when they took out my stitches and helped me fill out my philhealth form.. mwah!

and all those who prayed for me...

gusto ko sana magpapicture habang inooperahan ako kaya lang baka sampalin ako ng doctor eh.. mwehehehe...

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