Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My (Not So) Little Sister

This post is dedicated to my little sister, Rona. I am feeling sentimental right now because for the first time in my life, she is moving out. (She's not getting married,'no! huwag po!) She got a job in one of those industrial plants farfaraway in the south. When she told me she applied for a job in Batangas, i never took it seriously. I mean, really. Will she actually WORK there?! halur!
But then she DID decide to move there... =(... after more than 2 decades, i will wake up in our room without her there... My parents bought her stuff so she can move in her new apartment with 2 other girls who would work in the same jap firm. drat. she's really moving! (she doesn't check my blog so ok lang magsenti si ate) i will miss going out with you after work.. kahit less gastos sakin yun..haaaay..
Although she'll be home every weekends, i'm going to miss her... take care, lil' sis. pag may nang-away sayo, sasapakin ko! God bless your career! Magpakasaya at magpakayaman ka! tapos ibili mo kami ni noel ng bahay, ha????!!!
I'll miss you rons! see you next weekend!!!

my sisterhood

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Still Teacher Dessa

Although i stopped teaching for more than 3 years, i still believe that i am TEACHER DESSA. At church, one of my ministries is to teach Sunday School at the kids dept. Unlike my old students at Prep Camp, i now handle primary level (6 to 7 years). Sunday School teachers get to teach once a month so we're all on rotation.
Every 3rd sunday of the month, i get a little bit of this:
1. teacher dessa: ok, check ko nga kung nakinig kayo. sino ang mother ni Jacob and Esau?
student: um, teacher.. pwede mother nalang ni Jesus? (so si mary lang ang natandaan nilang mother..ok now...)
2. teacher dessa: isa pa, when Jesus got upset at the temple becuase people were cheating and selling all sorts of animals to be offered, what type of bird were they selling?
student: chicken!
teacher dessa: um, starts with letter "D"
student: duck!
teacher dessa: sige na nga. pwede na rin. the answer is dove (diba pang tropang-trumpo kami?)
3.teacher dessa: draw pictures that show you are obeying God
-most of the students drew pictures of them praying, brushing their teeth, sharing, cleaning their room, etc.
- ito ang winner: he drew a picture of people with tanks and guns, shooting each other with bullets and blood. when i asked him why did it show obedience to God, he simply pointed to the dead people and said: "teacher, kasi masama yan mga yan eh. so ok lang barilin"... my gulaaaaay! of course i had to talk to the mom...

Last Sunday, we did a simple father's day art. Here are some pictures:
doin their father's day art
My mini-me doin her own thing:
thea doing her art
Si teacher dessa-ang arte
teacher dessa-maarte

Monday, June 20, 2005

Daddy ko

dad and i
Originally uploaded by dessagirl.
Happy Father's Day, dad!

My dad celebrated his birthday last saturday. It's ironic coz that's the same day i got him a memorial plan. (d ko sinadya yun ha) but he said it's the best gift he got for father's day and his bday. heehee..

I love my daddy so much! He's my friend, pastor, and carpoolmate (in other words, he drives for me!)

To my daddy-o! i love you!!! mwah! you and mom are the best!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Multiple Personality Disorder

dessagirl disorder 2005-004: MULTIPLE PERSNALITY DISORDER
halur! may kilala ba kayong weirdo? ito siguro ang pinaka weird na tao kasi iba-iba sha. parang monstur! read along my krung-krung research here:

Multiple personality disorder (MPD) is a psychiatric disorder characterized by having at least one "alter" personality that controls behavior. The "alters" are said to occur spontaneously and involuntarily, and function more or less independently of each other. The unity of consciousness, by which we identify our selves, is said to be absent in MPD. Another symptom of MPD is significant amnesia which can't be explained by ordinary forgetfulness. In 1994, the American Psychiatric Association's DSM-IV replaced the designation of MPD with DID: dissociative identity disorder. The label may have changed, but the list of symptoms remained essentially the same.

Memory and other aspects of consciousness are said to be divided up among "alters" in the MPD. The number of "alters" identified by various therapists ranges from several to tens to hundreds. There are even some reports of several thousand identities dwelling in one person. There does not seem to be any consensus among therapists as to what an "alter" is. Yet, there is general agreement that the cause of MPD is repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse. The evidence for this claim
has been challenged, however, and there are very few reported cases of MPD afflicting children. (lifted from: http://skepdic.com/mpd.html)

so there... weird no? these people usually wake up in a different place and can't remember what happened. sila yata yung mukang napopossess.. there are times when an adult becomes a kid, a girl becomes a guy, a shy person becomes a killer.. stuff like that. so there. sa office yata namin maraming ganito eh. harharharhar! isa na ako dun!!! hala!!! dessa girl by day and _____by night! back in college, i leanred that there was this person who had hundreds of alters (yun yung iba-ibang personalities sa loob niya) that he doesn't know hus dominant anymore. so do you know anyone with possible MPD?

this is my sister and i doing our version of having a different alter:


Saturday, June 04, 2005

Summer 2005

white beach
My late summer getaway: 'went back to Puerto Galera, White Beach after 2 years. I went on a 3-day trip a couple of weeks ago with my boo and church friends. It was such a relaxing trip coz we went there from monday to wednesday so the beach wasnt that crowded as compared to weekends. I think each one should always include going on vacation in their schedule. In the 3 days that i was away from work, it felt really good to recharge and be with great people. We were so happy to be there that we were out in the sun even at 12noon! Although the beach isn't that nice compared to bora (as those hus been dr say..) and i think this is definitely a lot cheaper than going all the way to see the polvoron sand of bora. i had loads of fun because of the people i was with. we stayed at this inn:Rooms are at PhP 1,500.00 for 4pax during weekdays. i think this is for at PhP 2,500.00 during weekends
Here are some of the stuff i did:
1. EAT! - one shouldn't go on a diet when on vacation. yummy kebabs are for PhP 90.00
mel's treat
2.have my hair done: corn rows are pretty popular there. this will range from PhP 130.00 to PhP 250.00 depending on the number of rows you have
corn rows
... so my sister, boo, and joy had theirs done too..
my boo and my sis
3.swim a lot!! even if i really don't know how..
4.go on a banana boat~~~~ which i think i won't be doing in 3 years. i fell 10 times and my body ached. they charge you for PhP 150.00/pax for 25 mins
5. go snorkeling. this is PhP 200.00/pax inc. of boat ride and gear
6.get a cute glitter tattoo. this is for PhP 150.00. if you get a bigger one, it's around 200
henna with glitter\
7.play with kids who sold popsicles. this is only PhP 10.00 with ube, cheese, chocolate flavor.heehee
so it's not that bad. round trip costs around PhP 500.00 inclusive of bus ride and boat ride. nway, i even managed to get a tan even if i didn't intend to. BANANA BOAT brand sucks. coppertone25 though has always been reliable for me. another thing about going to beaches like puerto is that you can wear your 2-piece and look like ur pregnant and people wouldn't really care that much (except maybe for your friends who are so honest with me)..

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