Tuesday, June 27, 2006

ka-eck eckan sa buhay

at first it looks like i'm wrapped in gauze. mwehehehe.. i though cucumbers are supposed to relax your face. this feels VERY uncomfortable. i had these for 20 minutes on my face. waha! oh well, i guess i'm not one of those spa people.. (oh, i had a bad week.. i shall spa this weekend!)

i think washing my face with soap will be real fine for now. but the ponds commercial said we start aging at 25? nyaha!!! so wat to do?

this on the other hand feels much better... (ang laki ng binti ko.. hehe) i like foot spas and scrubs.. i should get them more often para mabawasan ang mga kalyo ko. ayaw ko kasi magpapedicure kasi nasusugatan yung paa ko lagi and nagpe-peel yung cuticles ko.. i asked the lady what the rose petals are for. decoration chuvanels lang daw. akala ko may powers din sila magpaganda ng paa e.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

shoe ishu

ok... need a little help here regarding policies for dresscodes, particularly with shoes. for guys, there is no problem distinguishing corporate shoes from thier rubber shoes. so that's pretty settled.

however, it's a different story for girls. some people think that open-toe should not be allowed. closed shoes should always be worn, with or without heels... this is a bit of a problem since a lot of girls arnt comfy wearing closed shoes. why? it causes corn on your toes and around your foot. if you want to buy really comfy pumps, you have to have a budget of around 4k to buy from marks, naturalizer, rockport, ect.

in my opinion, i think open-toe shoes should be allowed since these looks corporate as well:

similar to these...

on the other hand, these.. although these are closed shoes...i think they do NOT look corporate at all...

(although i like the last one a lot.. and wear something similar to work sometimes).. point is, wats a gud suggestion to distinguish corporate open-toe shoes from non-corporate open-toe shoes? la lang.

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