Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3 weeks after surgery...

After 3 weeks of NO RICE and MEAT... here's what i did: (btw, i didnt lose weight.. with the no rice and meat thingie.. how depressing is that?)

'nuff said...

these onion rings (what's left of it) are to die for. super sarap! a bit spicy.. yum
blue cheese with onion rings? = puson power

potato jacket? (baked potato)

them ribs looked dry.. pero hindi! masarap sha!

the brownie underneath the vanilla icecream and whipped cream went first..

so there.. so much for trying to lose weight... i love eating!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dental Surgery It!

my gulay.. how did i spend my holy week? well, aside from the usual reflections and meditations.. i had a dental surgery: i had my IMPACTED TOOTH REMOVED

What is an impacted tooth? -- any tooth (but especially a wisdom tooth) that cannot break through the gum into normal position because it is growing against or blocked by bone, soft tissue, or another tooth. (

i didnt think i had to have it removed about 2.5 years ago when i got my braces .. but my impactang tooth was getting grey and my dentist said it might affect the rest of my healthy molars.. soooooooooooooo... i had it removed.. take a look at these pictures:

my xray looked alot like this: (see how that third tooth is lying down?)

and to illustrate, that impactong tooth lying down is positioned here:

the procedure: slice dessagirl's gums open and create some kind of flap (help me) then cut or drill the impactong tooth into about 6 small parts then take it out then do some stitches.. here is how they cut my tooth into little pieces:

i am a so brave!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dentist had to lend me her ipod during the surgery since she knows how whiney i get.

reasons why i enjoyed the freaking surgery so much:

1. the pain is too much

2. i could hear my tooth cracking and getting sliced into little pieces

3. when they finally sliced the tooth into bits and pieces, they still had a difficult time pulling it out of my gums since my other molars were blocking it. anu ito?? aalisin yung isa ko pang molar?? haller???

4. it lasted for 2 hours

5. this surgery can cost you 6,000 to 8,500.. thank God my denist/surgeon is my cuzin/dentist's boypren

6. i had to be injected 4 times with pain killers (they usually do it 2x lang)

and finally.... I WAS WIDE AWAKE THE WHOLE TIME!!!

so before you have your IMPAKTONG TOOTH removed, psych yourself up and save moolah! now i no longer have my stitches (had them removed a week and a half later) and all i have is this large hole at the back of my mouth.. they say the gums will grow back and flaten in 3 months.. till then, i have to be extra careful no food stays inside it.. eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww!!

oh yeah, and during the surgery, the following will help you:

1. pray

2. listen to praise music

3. think of all the happy thoughts in your life.. because the pain will make you forget everything. (i almost forgot to pay my dentist after)

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till my next surgery!!! did i mention i have to the other side as well???? DESSAGIRL = BRAVE GIRL

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