Thursday, March 31, 2005

Thea & tita dessa

Thea & tita dessa
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Si thea, my minime, is already in iloilo.. i feel sad she had to go and i hope it's only for this summer. i will truly miss this girl..for those of you who know her, i know you will too! i called her up last week to ask what she was doing. aba, ang sagot: "naglalaro po ng chess.."---NYAHA!! ako nga hindi marunong eh.

Nway, she's so grown up na!! I miss you tey-tey! come back home soon! MWAH!

Si Purple Goofy

Hindi ako si purple goofy na tinutukoy ni babewolf sa blog niya. maniwala kayo.. hindi ako yun! pramizzzz! EHEHEHEHE!

my goofie phone

my goofies

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Extender Power!

Last week, my labiedabie and i brought his mom to the market so we can have sweet and sour fish for lunch (masarap sha!)

So we dropped her off and went around the block. We saw manong bungs (bunge kasi sha) selling those stretchable tube-like cloth that you wear on your forearms.. i like to call them EXTENDERS!!!

Dessa Girl: Hi manong, magkano po isang pair?

Manong Bungs: 45 lang (with matching great big smile)

Dessa Girl: ha? yung tapat.. magkano po talga..

Manong Bungs: ha?

My Labidabie Ko: yung tapat.. magkano po?

Manong Bungs: ha? 10 piso nalang?

Si manong bungs talga o... hindi naman sha binge, no? In short we got 3 pairs for a hundred. feeling ko super bargain ako biglang sabi ng utol ko you can get those for 25.. grrrr!! o well, at least kumita si manong. diba?

Nway, boo's mom took a while kasi hindi lang pala isda ang binili niya.. so we got bored and tried the extenders on! hmmm.. makati sha ha. i see people using them like the oh-so-saucy golfers, hikers, manong tricycle drivers, atbp.. his mom's gona use it for her gardening. odiba? i think using this is a lot better than those really hot long-sleeve shirts..

My labidabie and i will mowdel dem extenders for all of you: ENJOY!

faty power

extender power

Sunday, March 27, 2005

What I Did Last Week

Hello ebrybady! This is what i did last week:

-wake up really late
-eat until i am stuffed
-have afternoon naps
-dvd marathon with my labidabie
-cook kilbasa again! (nasunog nga eh, tsk!)
-pausukin ang kusina dahil sa nasunog na kilbasa
-buy new nike shoes with 50% discount!(happiness!)
-buy me a goofy mug!
-sleep some more
-go to justin's first bday party
-easter egg hunting sa women's fellowship
-and eat some more

The result? i gained another 3 lbs! DAAAAAYMMMMM! promise, i will go on a diet. i want to have a sexy badeeeeh. wish ko lang.. tsk, wat's a good diet ba? none of those south beach ecklabush please..

And of course, in the midst of all the bumming around i did, i made sure i reminded myself of what Jesus did for us:


As Christians, we shouldnt limit our reflections to just doing it every holy week. This should be in our lifestyle..sharing the Good News to those who are not in Christ yet... amen!!!

Hope you guys had a great week!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Book 6

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Halu! This will be out daw this July.. can't wait!


hindi daw si harry or he-who-must-not-be-named...

Ang Mga Kumain ng Kilbasa

ito na ang mga kumain ng kilbasa na linuto ko:
hindi ba't masaya sila tingnan? hehe..
my nieces and nephews
these are my nieces and nephews in fontana (south california)ISAIAH, MOI, ALLAN, PRINCESS, AKIEL, LIZETTE, AND JASMINE.. they are all so cute and most of them are teenagers already. below is a photo of lizette, angel (ang ganda no?)isaiah, and me again:
i had a great time with them.. i've seen them grow up and i'm glad to know that even if i dont see them that often, i'm still a cool tita dessa to them! wuhu!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ito na ang linuto ko

first of all i want to thank the tech grp for my vienna sausage sandwich and team marketing for my hawaiian pizza. masarap kumain. bow.

here's my kilbasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


it took me a while to get that thing posted. thanks, watson! i know it looks soooo easy to do but it really feels like an achievement for meeee!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


oh my gulay! help please! last night, my cousin told me that i would be home alone tomorrow until after lunch. ok lang... e anu ngayon? last week pako naka leave ni hindi pa ako nakakarami ng tulog. then she told me: "bumili ako ng kilbasa" (wowoweew!) this is one of the bestest foods on my list and i can only buy it in the states. so everytime i come here, or anyone else in the family comes here, i always ask them to bring home at least 5 of this yummy sausage-like thingy.

the problem is this: "paki luto nalang. lahat, yung 3. para kumain yung mga bata and magbabaon si jonathan" (her hubby and my cousin) O MY GULAY! PANICK ATTACK! dessa girl is in panick level 10!!!!!

thank you, Lord and my boo was on line. it was noel who intoduced this dish to moi. i felt so stupid asking my boo how to FRY that thing.... i even asked my sister to pray for me coz its a lot of food to put to waste..

noooowww, i am alone and done cooking (thanks so much to my boo... i miss you!). i took a picture of the first batch i cooked but cant upload the thing yet. and i had brunch at 10am. it tasted ok... wahaaaa! so nervous. what will they say? yung mga bata madali i-please. kasi before i cooked eggs and hotdogs and they were like: "tita dessa, that was good... thanks so much!"

nway, for those of you who can cook, this may sound stupid but i was nervous in doing the following recipe

-slice kilbasa into quater of an inch thick
-cook with water until h2o's all gone
-wait until garlic is brown and set aside
-fry onions then add in the garlic and kilbasa

it sounds so damn easy, right? WELL NOT FOR ME! NEWS FULASH! I DO NOT COOK! i do not slice onions, or skin garlic (whatever you call that) or slice oversized sausages!

sus, napaka pathetic ko... nway, it's 12:30 PM and i better take a shower kasi may uuwi na. and! hindi ako natalsikan ng mantika! WAHUUUU!

shoot, sana masarap yung linuto ko. i'll post the pic as soon as i can.

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