Saturday, December 31, 2005

Purple Christmas

hi! look at some of my purple gifts this Christmas! they make me happy, happy, happy!
purple gifts
pero ang winner ay ang gift sakin ni mommy ko: super big doll of goofy!!! (can't get enough)
goofy my baby

Saturday, December 24, 2005

sino ba ang hindi busy?

aba, hindi ko alam sa inyo ngunit ako ay nagpapakabusy nitong mga huling sandali bago magpasko. papano namaaaaaaaaaaaaan! bukod sa isang damakmak ang hiring samin ngayon, kailangan kong mag-tali ng boto para sa mga employee of the year awards (thanks nga pala kay harry na nanglibre. lahat ng ibang nanalo sa office namin ay nagpashang gamitin ang mga libolibo nilang premyo sa ibang bagay), at iba pa.. heniway, gaya ng nakararami, mayroon din kaming company CHRISTmas party at ito ay ginanap sa warehouse namin sa cavite. hala.. napakahirap ng trabaho ito!! ang beauty ng mga taga HR, admin and at siymepre marketing ay hindi magkanda-ugaga sa parprepare.. paid off naman ang hirap kasi masaya naman ang mga employees namin...trulyly.. at nanalo din ako debede (dvd) sa admin christmas party! ang mga magulang ko ay tuwang-tuwa kaya binenta nila yung luma naming debede sa isang pastor sa church.
heniways, ang employee giveaways this year ay groceries na pinack namin sa warehouse. ayayayay!! nakakapagod itich! pero happy kasi FWs (factory workers) ulit kami.
christmas goodies
workin late
o diba? pati yung boss ko naki-pack ng groceries.. kaya naman well-deserved ang pagkaemployee of the year niyan! congratulations to you ma'am sue!
maiba naman ako.. meron akong kinakatakutan: ang magpa-braces.. naku po.. sinukatan nako and kinuhaan lahat ng angulo ng mga ipin ko.. ang next visit ko sa dentist, bubunutan lang naman ako ng 2 ngipin tapos lalagyan daw ng molar separator (kung anuman yun, nakakatakot sha panigurado).. kaya ako magpapabrace ay dahil sa overbite ko. and since ang pinsan kong ubod ng ganda ang gagawa nito, malaki ang discount ng lola mo. here's my shot of the before thing. after 3 years pa yung "after" picutre
yucky shot
o diba ang panget? mwehehe.. gaganda rin ako after this.. aaaaaaaat! papayat daw ako! sana!sana!sana!sana!sanapumayat nako! kung hindi pako natigilan sa kakakain nito.. ewan ko nalang..

An Awesome God

Havnt been able to blog for a couple of weeks but i'm back! nway, i just want to share with you how the Lord has blessed our family in Christ's Church in BF Homes (CCBFH).. this is where i go to church by the way, where my dad is a senior pastor. nways, the chruch decided to finally purchase a lot since we have been renting places for our sunday worship. from 40 members, we are now around 220 and still growing. we are currntly renting the 2nd floor of the prudential bank building in las pinas... and it has always been our dream for the the church to have it's own property. after years of praying, we finally purchased a lot just outside bf homes in the south land entrance in front of the polo field of aguire... and guess how big this is: it's 6,667 sqm!! waha! that's like 20x larger than the place we are renting now! imagine the challenge and faith it took us to claim this! not only did the Lord provide us a place of worship but the facility will also be used as a learning center for Christian leaders..
with 220 members and with just half a million in the bank, the church now needs to raise PhP 26,668,000!! o-ha! it takes Great Faith to believe that we have this kind of money! but then we did it. december 1, we signed the contract and on december 8, we were able to raise 1.8 million for the downpayment.. i dont know where it came from but with all the prayers and contacts, the Lord provided for us.. now we have to pay 1.2 million every month for a whole year and we are still praying hard on where to get the funds..
the church is planning to have major fund raising acitivities like donor's dinner, golf tournament, and a major concert. members were also asked to pledge whatever amount they can to help..
few weeks ago, we had a garage sale beside the building we were renting and were able to raise PhP 21,000 for the said acitvity.. people were soooo excited to do their shopping! look! i was placed in the jeans section kaya mejo mahina ang benta.. tsk.. people liked bags, polos, and toys the most.
garage sale
we also had a prayer early dec 17 for the lot. around 50 people were there to pray for the Lord's guidance..
morning prayer
please pray for CCBFH... we need all the help we can get!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Taong Timog sa Hilaga

2 weekends ago, i went to the libis area.. havnt done this since 6's my inaanak's 3rd bday and it was held in jollibee libis. (Belated Happy Birthday Mr. Gio Riofrio! a.k.a superman!) after this, my sister and some of our old churchmates went to eastwood and afterwards at the new market in Tiendesita's.


The last time i went to Eastwood was 3 years ago so it's still something new to me. nways, i didnt know shops there were open until midnyt during weekends. sobrang ok ito! there was also this event for pets.. they had dog shows and all...tiangges for dogs too! lemi show you picture i took:

here is a stall that sell sofas for your pets and shoes as well. how cute!
sofa beds for dogs
dog shoes
and here is me going thru small tiangges! hehe..
tiangge in eastwood
after this, i went to see the new TIEN DESITA'S. this is mytha, sam and i. Nways, It's this new market place that is supposed to promote Filipino products. it has this asian design.. um, how do i describe this.. something like gigantic huts? shops were in rows and some were air-conditioned while others were of the typical tiangges. We went there at around 7 pm and it was really hot! imagine shopping there at 12 PM! naku, super pawis ang mga tao nun! yikes! there were sections for accessories, furnitures, food, antiques, and pets. in the center, there's this big food court with a stage for a band. it's this big circus tent thingy with colorful lamps and vintas (not sure) hanging. nway, the food's yummy and a bit expensive.. there was nilaga for 90 pesos per order and tuna belly na 2 inches lang for almost 200. my friend, IRIS, on the other hand said the food they ate was realy cheap like this big plate of nachos for 90.. oh well... i enjoyed my bbq with rice and violet puto (putobungbung ba yun? hindi ko alam spelling eh)
take a look at this litl tiger. you can find him or her sa pet section.. too bad he or she was asleep when i passed by:
baby tiger
here are the lamps you can find haning in the food court and some stalls as well:

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My Harry Potter Weekend

Finally! My Harry Potter tickets werent until Nov20, Sunday.. so by the time i watched it, almost all fanatics textd me their views about the movie.. Nevertheless, I was still excited to see it! I loved the movie but I think it’s not for kids anymore.. well, maybe for some parts of it. But most of the issues were for teenyboppers already. The picture above is one of my favorite scenes from the movie.

Here are my comments on the 4th movie:

Voldemort reminded me of the girl who played satan in the movie, The Passion of the Christ. He looked so scary and just like what I pictured sa book. I do hope book 7 would reveal harry as the winner and not voldemort.. this will be a real big disappointment for me..

Cho-Chang was not that pretty too.. I think Heart Evangelista would make a prettier Cho-Chang… I heard she tried out for that part (not sure if it’s true though)

Parvatti and her twin (tama ba?) were not who I expected. I never thought of them as Asians.. (let alone Indians). did they mention this in the book? I always imagined them as Caucasians. But anyways, they did a good job in playing their roles.

Fleur was supposed to be a lot prettier and kikayer than she is in the movie..

Cedric should be more handsome.. and Krum was supposed to be ugly but he turned out to be guwapo!

Nway, all in all, I think the movie was great!

Another reason why I had a great weekend was because the whole glorietta was on sale! I only found out lunch time last Friday! Sus, instead of buying a set of silver earrings lang, I ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes, 2 skirts, and a top as well. Waaaahahahah! Pero in fairness, I got 50 to 70% discount. Not bad right?

After work I met up with my sister, cuzin, and bestfriend jacky to have dinner and to look for more bargains. We left at 11 pm.. then the next day, my sister and I had breakfast before I went to work. We met up with my boo for lunch and continued to do more serious bargain hunting. We left the mall at 5pm.. exag ito! Then the next day, boo and I returned for pretzels and to see the movie!!! Although halos wala na akong pera and I’m already currently spending from my savings, happy naman ako.. um, happy na shocked na naubos pera ko..

Here are some shots from my weekend:

My boo posing beside his great great great grandpa at the Big Grill.. wahahaha!

my very own american indian

One of my favorite shops during midnyt madness coz it’s 50% off all clothes plus they let you fit their stuff:

midnyt madness

Me in Kamiseta trying to find my size. (yung naka pink ako) Grabe, lahat ng tinda dito nung sale ay small or extra small. Buwiset! Wala ako nabili dito, galit yata sila sa matataba, ano?wachu think?
midnyt madness

Friday, November 11, 2005

i am sick

i am sick. yun lang. sobrang sick since yesterday. SL ako yesterday but had to report to work today for an after-work meeting. wellll.. bale wala ang aking effort kasi i am going home na and 6pm palang. wala na akong strength to join the meeting... Thank God my boss was kind and cool enough to let me go. Thanks Ma'am Sue! sobrang thankful ako.. i might not even work tomorrow para i could rest for next Monday. uuuuugh!!! i am ms. runny nose girl with matching occassional cough and nasal voice... havnt been sick like this for 3 months.. i hate it!

Friday, November 04, 2005


our hand prints
A few Sundays ago, it was my turn again to be Teacher Dessa for Sunday School. Nways, We did some handprints.. it was fun since they took turns and didnt do it all at the same time...this is a lot neater. Nways, as usual, meron nanaman magagandang hirits. but my favorite is this one:

Teacher Dessagirl was standing next to this smart-mouth kid.. my butt was directly behind her face so when she turned:

Student: Teacher, parang lumalaki yung pwet niyo! (Siyempre she did not mean any harm (?) )

Teacher Dessa: Um, talga? Oo nga eh.. (Sobrang shocked ko ay hindi ko alam ang sasabhin ko!)

Student: Oo, ang laki eh!

Grabe na ituuuu! It's weird.. i am well aware that i gained 20 lbs even if i have been trying to lose weight for 2 years now.. but when this kid said it, parang sobrang ~OUCH! i guess i know kids really tell the truth.. =( sobrang depressed ko, maybe i'll just have some choklits in a while.. (i know, i know!) ito ang mga pictures nila. hulaan niyo nalang kung sino jan ang mabait na nagsabi nun. pero ganun paman, masaya pa rin ako most of the time pagkasama ko sila.. wehehehe! i like being a kid..
sunday school class ko

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Ever since i got back from baguio, i have been more fascinated with ukay-ukay. Here in the philippines, this is what we call stores that sell second hand clothes. some people don't like the idea of getting hand-me-downs.. let alone BUY them! Personaly, I really don't mind at all! A couple of years ago, i had to change my WHOLE wardrobe due to the addtional 20 lbs i now house inside my fat storage system. i had a garage sale in our house and earned PhP 4,000+ by selling jeans for 60 pesos and shirts for 30 pesos.. plus all the junk na ok pa like my statio collection when i was a kid, some erasers, old figurins, bags, shoes etc. (tsk, nasenti tuloy ako)here's a pic of the girls and i in baguio. hindi pa kami naliligo niyan at suot pa namin ang pantulog namin when we went out (gross no?) dats sarah, moi, gen and katz:
nways, one of things i looked forward to before going up to Baguio (this is the summer capital of the Philippines) was to go ukay-ukay shopping! kaya lang mahal! they'd even sell stuff for 120! heeeeeeelllloo??? anu itu? brand new sa sm? nway, ang best seller sa akin ay ang 80's vintage outfits na super cute! aaah! being on the big side made it hard for me to find my size though. even if i really liked the style, them clothes just wont fit! then there were these cute shoes na 550 daw! huuuwaaat? eh yung huli kong binili na flats sa landmark 420 lang! Best buy din daw ang designer jackets.. although i just bought a super thick trench coat na purple!!! for 250.. kahit na wala akong idea kung saan ko sha gagamitin ano?
when i got back to manila, i discovered this ukay-ukay shop near our house. it' s real big with a good selection. i also found out that the owner is from baguio and had a shop in Bayanihan (ukay-ukay place) in Baguio as well. He had a sale na 3 for 100 kaya super bili ang lola mo! sa sobrang tuwa ko, the blouse i picked out had a hole sa may kilikili! mweheheh! be careful lang when you buy. make sure the shirt doesnt smell like B.O.! yuck!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I finally got to meet jo-lo!!! he is soooo cute! all i want to do is to pinch him and pull his leg! wehehehe... sobrang cute kasi eh! Jose Carlos Ballesteros is a 3.5 month old baby who is staying in baguio. his daddy is watson, also a blogger and his mommy is mommy tina.we went up to baguio last weekend.. and here are some pixs:
jolo with ninang dessa

Trading Post

Another Baguio adventure for me! I've been to baguio and it's only the first time that i got to visit this trading post.. it's not exactly in baguio though but still in the province of Benguet. (tama ba itong pinagsasasabi ko? nways, it took us like 20 mins from Baguio Condotel to the trading post.. this is so cool. It's like a covered court full of buyers and sellers and loads of veggies!!! as in trucks of green thinamajiggies! the catch is, it's really cheap! like a kilo of small potatoes were 10pesos! the big ones were only for 20pesos!! although i am not a vegetable fan, i still bought some which i eat occassionally with meat! Like cauliflower was just for PhP 45 a kilo while broccoli was selling at PhP 50 per kilo... (actually, nung una, 45 lang. Aba! after buying my potatoes, pagbalik ko, 50pesos na! tumawag daw yung may ari and nalulugi daw sila... blahblahblah!) pero mura pa rin ito.. tapos yung binili kong young corn na 55pesos napanis! grrrr! i wanted to buy 2 kilos each but then we were only taking the bus going home so kawawa ako dahil ang dami ko nang bitbit pauwi. Nway, when we went back to baguio sa palenke mismo, they were selling a kilo of brocoli for 90! may tawad daw hanggang 85.. sowssss.. sana pala dinamihan ko na ang bili.. I also this super cute baby sitting on top of a sack of i-dunno. He or she was just there in the midst of all the bargaining... when we all stared at the baby admiring his or her cuteness, umiyak! oooopsssyyy.. natakot ata..

Monday, October 10, 2005


My friend watson brought me and my friends to this cool cafe in session road. it's called VOCAS -(short for something i really duno).. nway, if yer into art, you'll definitely like this place.. it's an art gallery and cafe in one. you can order mostly veggie stuff.. so i had a difficult time reading thru the menu.. aside from everything being all green and leafy, i only had 3.25 in my pocket. watson brought us their right after our trip to good sheperd and mine's view.. so super nasimot yung moolah ko.. naawa sa akin yung iba ko pang friends na walang pera... so we chipd in and decided to order the following: kamatis pasta -- pene wid supr dming tomatos for 90 pesos and super sosy - peach crep for 70 pesos. The picture to the left was taken from the second floor. Ang ganda anu? yan si manong waiter sa gilid nakaka tuwa when he took our picture.. he was looking thru the small hole kahit na kita na sa monitor ang aking lovely kamera..Here are some of pictures i took: Hope you like them!
Ito na ang mga patay-gutom na gels.. nakita mo ba ang barya namin? sobrang chip-in yan na tig-5, 10, or 20 pesos.. ako ang pinaka foor kaya 3.25 alng ang nabigay ko. after ordering the pasta, sarah discovered that she had an extra 100 in one of her napaka daming wallets so we orderd for another pasta. the food pasta was great!!! tapos nakihingi ako ng salad na may apples and mushroom... at aba! masarap din sha! hehe... this cafe is really cool! We also got to meet Kidlat- a famous filipino artist who had his work displayed in the galery together with the works of his kids. =)
with artist: kidlat
at vocas
indegeneous people

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Noong Birthday Ko

I recently turned 25! =) Just wanna share pictures of my week-long celebration! (hindi ko 'to libre lahat ha! easy!) At dahil maraming nagmamahal sakin, ako ay tumaba nanaman kakakain!
Having pizza with my sis, mel, and noel last sunday (25)
sept. celebrants
Lunch at cravings with all September celebrants! (26)
chilis with boo's family
Lunch at chilis with boo's family... not because it was my birthday though.. may answerd prayer kasi sila! =) (24)
bday with cuzins at bonapetite
dinner at bonapetite wtih my cell group/cuzins (16)
AT SIYEMPRE PAAAA! My boo gave me super pretty flowers! mmmmmwaaaaaah! tek a luk o!(sobrang komang pala ako no?)
from my boo

Friday, September 23, 2005

Cool glasses

my new look
Originally uploaded by dessagirl.

Check out my new glasses!!! Penny, my officemate made these for Apple who was feeling really sleepy 2 days ago. Isnt it effective? You can wear these during boring meetings and no one will know you dozed off. Wahahaha! NO ONE WILL KNOW THEY ARE FAKE! It's the perfect Christmas gift and halloween costume (i love halloween)! for orders, please dial 1-iwantmyglassestoo! First 37 callers gets an extra pair free!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005



Seven things that scare you:

2.Papaya sliced open with all the seeds inside (parang puro matang nakatinghin sakin eh)
3.Baha and Bagyo
5.Scary lolas with long white hair na mataray
6.Kathy's dad.. (heehee)
7.My boo (when he is SUPER mad)

Seven things you like the most:

1. Laughing
2.Purple stuff
4.Cute fat babies
6.Bargain hunting

Seven important things in your bedroom:

1.My snugglepuffs
2.all the food under my bed
3.electric fan
4.the boxes boo gave me for Christmas
5.mirror goofy phone!

Seven random facts about you:

1.i like smelling kilikilis
2.i pinch anybody's big butt
3.i am ticklish from head to toe
4.i am komang
5.cry baby
6.actually has frizzy hair (i love rebonding)
7.i usually snore

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1.get married
2.see my kids have kids
3.go to a super beautiful secluded beach
4.decorate my own house
5.lose weight! a good cook
7.i'm not sure yet

Seven things you can do:

1.teach preschool kids
2.text with my eyes closed by plane to another cournty alone
4.sleep until 1:30 PM chocolate as if it were rice
6.listen honest

Seven things you can't do:

1. swim vegetables (lots of it)
5.write anything without any mistakes in spelling
6.sit up straight for 5 mins
7.leave my pimple alone

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
3.the way he talks
4.when he is maasikaso
5.sense of humor
7.spritual maturity

Seven things you say the most:

5.gutom ako
6.i'm sleepy

Seven celeb crushes (whether local or foreign):

2.keanu reeves
3.richard gomez
4.john hall
6.marcus shenkenberg something
7.cant think of anyone else as of the moment

Seven people you want to see to take this quiz:

2.princess em


Hong Kong Disneyland

My parents were so blessed to be invited to a dry run of the park. Our friend, Pastor Demi is one of the engineers of Hong Kong Disneyland.. before they opened the park last Sept.12, each employee was allowed to bring 4 (can you imagine?!) persons for an overnight stay at the Disneyland Hotel with breakfast and dinner, and of course, to go around the park and watch all the shows and parade!!! Nakakainggit!! Nway, hopefully the Lord will allow me, my sister, and my boo would go there early next year. Here are some pixs i wanna share:
The train (i think this is the MTR) that takes you there:
train goin to HK disneyland
I know this picture's dark but find the hidden micky:
micky handles
The Disneyland Hotel:Pastor Demi and my Mom and Pastor Sunny at the back!
disneyland hotel
My parents saw this parade and of course, para inggitin ako, got lots of pix with my goofy!
my parents with goofy and pluto
My mom got me a goofy pen, ruler, and of course magnet. other items were way expensive daw
my new goofy pen

Thursday, September 08, 2005

My cousins!

My cousins and I usually meet every Friday for our cell group. It's the time where we all sit together and share whatever we have in our minds.. (uuuy, mejo emotional ito minsan..) then we pray for each other. Our topics usually revolve around scriptures we read from the Bible (which vary every week). It' s a real nice experience and it's been going on for 2 months now.

Last Friday, after our cel, we took pictures coz my ate ghe had a tripod and loooooooooooovees collecting pictures.

@ ate ghe's place


(L-R) SARAH - full time mom to 3 kiddies! JENNY- full time mom to 2 kids! GHE - older sister of jenny, graphic artist, mommy to baby justine! RONS - my lil sis, engr at a japanese firm! (BELOW) BECK - full time mom to her one and only son, gabriel, makes accessories, and bakes too! and the girl in bright green is meeeeh!

Friday, August 26, 2005


"When can you say that you are truly successful?" -one of the questions i ask whenever i interview an applicant.
Of course the answer to this question is subjective. Fresh grads say it is when they graduate and find a stable job asap. yuppies say it's when they have their own car, house and lot, and able to buy whatever they want. married people say it's when they can be a good provider to their family and at the same time be happy with their career. Some say you can never actually achieve success since is a continuous process.
I guess i have to agree with all of them. One thing i learned from life is that success depends on your relationships and achievements. I truly (ever) value my relationships... this gives me the happiness and joy when things around me get rotten. My achievements on the other hand, are of course a big part of it as well.. but then i think it' s more on relationships that really counts.. people around me suffer from broken relationships and unforgiveness. marriages that break up and people passing away lately have allowed me to sometimes reflect if i AM successful right now..
how bout you? (kunyari interviewhin kita: Looking at your life right now, can you say you are successful?)
Aside from my relationship with the Lord, here are the other things that make my life successful:
my daddy-o
Noel,ate& me
bnb bizu
bnb aug05
kath and i

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