Thursday, February 28, 2008

bargain at it's maximum level

dyan texted me that there was a DEBENHAMS warehouse sale beside her building along Jupiter Street. they were selling clearance items for 200 pesos each!!!!! my gulay!! nakakahimatay!

the downside: some clothes had holes, most items were in plus sizes, it was in a warehouse, the line to pay takes forever..

but WHO CARES?? at 200 bucks, i'd spend the whole day looking thru stuff! i got this embelished purple top with black sequence and stones along the neckline for 200!!! no damage ha.. actually, out of all the items, only 1 was damaged and i didnt mind coz all i needed to do was to wear a wide belt around it and the tiny holes are gone. tights were at 50 pesos for 5 pairs!!! gowns from 6000 were 200 lang!!! my gulay!! it took me 20 mins to finish shopping and even longer to pay for it. but it was all good was with my friends jacky and dyan while in line so all we did was talk (and worry that our boss was looking for us coz it was 2pm na)

here are some price tags. imagine, from 3k down to 200??? with good quality paaaaaaaaaaa!!! love it! thanks dyan...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i'm back

i missed blogging..
nway, while i was fixing my bag last night, was a bit worried if i'd last the whole week with so little cash in my wallet. with all the sale going on, valentine's day, tin's wedding, etc., i dont think i can stretch my budget. when i looked in my wallet, i had an extra 500 and extra 100 in the pocket of my bag!!!!!!!!!!! love it love it love it... i cried because i felt the Lord's grace.. the great thing about being His child is that He always finds a way.. He takes care of me in ways i dont understand and yet things still turn out fine. Thank you Lord!!!!

ang ganda!

was walking thru sm makati going to the terminal and saw these bunch by the flower shop!!! couldn't stop myself from taking pictures.. painted or real, or whatever.. they looked extraordinarily beautiful to me...

Sherwynn and Tintin Aller

Congratulations to my good friends TIN SIMPAO and SHER ALLER! we love you guys.. mmmwaaaaahhhh!!
the bride has been my friend for over a decade.. and the groom has been her boyfriend for over 7 years.. lovely couple..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

President's Restaurant

a friend asked me to post this one.. he was invited by his aunt and uncle to have lunch at PRESIDENT'S RESTAURANT in ongpin after a divi trip. they told him that they served the best chinese food.. my friend was disappointed though with treatment they received. owners of the store treated chinese customers better than pinoys. even waiters who are filipinos themselves did not give the same and equal treatments as other chinese customers.
so there.. if you happen to pass by that resto, you know what to expect: good food but different treatments from the management.

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