Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I forgot...

last Monday, i finally decided to have my haircut since my hair was up to my waist already.. (feeling hair talent ba) magastos sa shampoo and conditioner..was supposed to have it trimmed last sat but since i didnt have an appointment, the next available stylist was at 7pm pa.. plus i had my 9 year old niece with me who would probably get bored waiting for me. when i called the salon for an appointment last monday, all 4 stylists i asked for were either on training, left already, and cant stay till 730pm... since that was the only time ok for me, i went on and tried a new stylist. i had a really stressful day so when i got a free massage from the shampoo dude.. sobrang na relax ako..
was really happy with my new haircut! my new stylist was really nice too.. while my hair was being blow dried i was thinking of eating rice right after since i was so hungry.... so when i was done, went to the cashier to pay... guess what? NALIMUTAN KO LANG NAMAN ANG WALLET KO.. my gulay! i realized that i kept it locked inside my drawer.. and ang dala ko lang ay ang coin purse ko! waaaa!!! with wide eyes and super shocked face, i told the cashier i dont have money! ehehe.. i called my officemate to look for my spare key and bring my wallet to me.. (sobrang pakapalan na talga ito) but then my other friend went home na and brought my spare with her! panick level 10 itich..
buti nlang an officem8 of mine was on her way to landmark already so she volunteered to bring the money i borrowed.. kundi nakakahiya talga dun sa nasa office pa na nagtatrabaho pa ng 830 ng gabi! the humiliation of waiting in the parlor with the whole staff ready to go home (as in nagwalis na silang lahat, patay na yung ilaw, etc.) was so bearable. ang masakit nun talga is i WAS SO HUNGRY while waiting for my friend to come! as in sa sobrang hilo ko sa gutom, i threw up when i got home after eating regular fries!
this is the first time i lost my wallet. dont let it happen esp. when going to a parlor.. haay..

Sunday, March 18, 2007

my counter

where the heck did my counter go?!!!!

just realized that i lost my counter =(...

Thursday, March 15, 2007


just noticed that it's been a month since i last updated my blog...
(watson, ito na yung update na hinihingi mo: ang pagpuna ko sa kawalan ng time magpost!)
been having problems lately.. both personal and at work. so there.. maybe my mind isnt just working hard enough on the blogging part of my life.
but i believe it will pass. whatever it is, i can get thru it through Christ who strengthens me. having FAITH during these times helps BIGTIME. i hate having negative vibes.. being down is something i was never comfortable about.. then again, its rare to see someone comfortable with problems.
someone told me, you should be alarmed when everything in your life is going great.. hehe.. kasi you might be missing out on the things that really matter, which is why you sometimes get a wake up call. i personally believe in: "what cant kill you will make you stronger". as long as you give it to the Lord, there will always be that thought at the back of your head (behind all the hurts and worries) that you will be ok.. it takes FAITH.
so for now, i look forward to the day where i will laugh at what i'm going thru right now and would feel so mature and stronger.. for now, i will have to get it together and keep on hoping for the good. again, having that relationship with the Lord makes all the difference..

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