Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tagaytay day trip

been to tagaytay a couple of weeks ago and visited some old and new places.. here are parts of that road trip:


their raisin bread is no longer that good. it's dry pero pwede na rin.. unlike before, super sarap. of course, i still had the strawberry cheescake! yum...

this is the first time i have been here..it's a 5 min drive off the main road. the design is unique with its antique furniture around. but what intrigued me the most is the bed and breakfast hotel. there were no guests that day saw we got to look around the houses. the house up in the picture gave me goosebumps when i went into a room to take pictures. the hairs on my nape stood so fast that i decided to get out as fast as i could.. nway, their bakeshop has the best cheese hopia in the world.. ever.. super mega sarap.. and take a look at their bell peppers! my gulay! i thought they were made out of wax!

just took a picture of their ceiling.. hehe.. this is the usual resto in tagaytay overlooking taal. their food is much like the other pinoy restos: dencio's, gerry's grill, grilla, etc.


we stayed at their kubo at the back.. you get a nice veiw, cool air, and some quiet. noel and i had breakfast here before and they have the yummiest crispy tawilis! (sorry sir nick, i know they are endangered) their sinigang na hipon is also yummy! super asim! this is along the stretch of resto's near the rotonda.. it's right beside JOSEPHINE's. btw, they had a tagaytay magnet for sale.. when i asked how much it was, they said it was 245 pesos.. anu ito? magnet sa hk disneyland???!!!! kaloka..

Monday, November 12, 2007


hehe... check out my new crocs.. finally saw some gold ones.. they only cost 250!!!! can you believe? it's 6x cheaper then the original primas!! my friend, dyan, likes to call fake ones: KRAKS... hehe.. so here are my new prima kraks! super soft and super light.. just like the real ones..

Thursday, November 08, 2007

dessagirl ~ thankful girl

topic during sunday worship and a small group i joined last night was about THANKFULNESS. it gave me time to reflect... and so i am most thankful for my relationships. i value them the most... my relationship with the Lord, my family, and the rest of the special people in my life.. and even if i have problems right now, i am amazed how i am still able to be thankful for the trials i face. the thought that the Lord is preparing me for greater things comes into my mind and it helps me understand why these things happen. although i dont completely understand them, being in the Lord gives you that reassurance inside you.. that things will eventually work out... my God is an Awesome GOD!!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Art Class

my home church, CHRIST'S CHURCH IN BF HOMES recently moved to a new place we will rent for a while since the church lot is still bare..
nways, it was my turn to teach Sunday School two weeks ago. KIDZONE is now growing and more and more kids are coming over.. nways, the rooms werent that ready yet and we had to pack all of them in this room.. take a look at my students, this is where KIDZONE worship is held: JESUS ROCKS!!!!!!
here's one of those posters they made: they also traced their hand on the paper and signed their names

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