Sunday, March 27, 2005

What I Did Last Week

Hello ebrybady! This is what i did last week:

-wake up really late
-eat until i am stuffed
-have afternoon naps
-dvd marathon with my labidabie
-cook kilbasa again! (nasunog nga eh, tsk!)
-pausukin ang kusina dahil sa nasunog na kilbasa
-buy new nike shoes with 50% discount!(happiness!)
-buy me a goofy mug!
-sleep some more
-go to justin's first bday party
-easter egg hunting sa women's fellowship
-and eat some more

The result? i gained another 3 lbs! DAAAAAYMMMMM! promise, i will go on a diet. i want to have a sexy badeeeeh. wish ko lang.. tsk, wat's a good diet ba? none of those south beach ecklabush please..

And of course, in the midst of all the bumming around i did, i made sure i reminded myself of what Jesus did for us:


As Christians, we shouldnt limit our reflections to just doing it every holy week. This should be in our lifestyle..sharing the Good News to those who are not in Christ yet... amen!!!

Hope you guys had a great week!


babewolf said...

Dessa Bebe!

I saw me lilac rubbershoes here! Pucha naalala agad kita! Kung me moolah lang ako, binili ko na yun for you para pareho tayo! Di bale kapag me workie na ako dito, hahanap ako ng ganun!

Alam mo bang walang Holy Week dito sa Malaysia?? Iits like an ordinary weekday here.

You know what I did? I read my book, finished it. Cried in some parts of it and listened to my Papuri songs in me IPOD while singing ala Diva! I finished the book and it was a good book. Hindi nga lang ako kumain ng kumain kasi wala ako gana! Ahahaha!

dessa girl said...

halu sarajoe!oist!ang size ng lola ay 8 or 8.5. hehe.tenks por remembering moi.. maganda talga ang puple magestic mountain shoes mo

good for you that you finished yer book! mis na kita and i enjoyed your pixs! thanks for sharing! you look so happy!you are a happy lolaaahhhh!

babewolf said...

Oh dessa gel! I am happy but i am getting bored to death here. Gusto ko ng magkawoik...pweezz pway por moi!

dessa girl said...

okidoki. i will.may utang pa akong transcript sayow.. sorry ha. busy eh.dont worry. magkakawork ka na jan!claim it sis!

babewolf said...

AY yun transcript kahit yun scanned lang po. Meron na akong hard copy dito pinadala ng sis ko. Di ko lang mascan here. Nabasa o na ba ang walang katuturan kong blog?? Obvious na obvious na wala akong magawa no??

babewolf said...


Check your email I made the istory por you! Please check it out! pretty please??

SooHK said...

Just blog surfing and found babewolf blog which lead to this blog. Just wish to commment, happy easter day.

master CHU said...

jogging!!! jogging!!!

dessa girl said...

soohk: hello there!you have an intersting blog there!! nice meeting you!

babewolf: hmm.. cige, i will wait. what's 5 years?

masterchu: ha? nagjogging ka buong holy week?

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