Thursday, September 08, 2005

My cousins!

My cousins and I usually meet every Friday for our cell group. It's the time where we all sit together and share whatever we have in our minds.. (uuuy, mejo emotional ito minsan..) then we pray for each other. Our topics usually revolve around scriptures we read from the Bible (which vary every week). It' s a real nice experience and it's been going on for 2 months now.

Last Friday, after our cel, we took pictures coz my ate ghe had a tripod and loooooooooooovees collecting pictures.

@ ate ghe's place


(L-R) SARAH - full time mom to 3 kiddies! JENNY- full time mom to 2 kids! GHE - older sister of jenny, graphic artist, mommy to baby justine! RONS - my lil sis, engr at a japanese firm! (BELOW) BECK - full time mom to her one and only son, gabriel, makes accessories, and bakes too! and the girl in bright green is meeeeh!


watson said...

Hindi ka camera shy. Pramis.

So walang guy sa cell group nyo? I wonder how it would have been like if you all cried ... kawawa naman yung guy. He would definitely feel squeamish. :-)

It's nice to have this support group for you and your friends.

dessa girl said...

super hindi no! lalo na no one was takin our pictures that time kundi and tripod! mwehehe

um, kung may guy, sobrang kawawa naman. but we're all improving now, our last 2 sessions, no cried na! o-ha!yep, this cell group thing is really great!

Princess Em said...

hi dessagirl... now i know why u and your sister are gorgeous galss.. nasa lahi pala talaga..all of you are photogenic..

miss u na ...

dessa girl said...

hi princess em! tnx ha. 80's plang matakaw na sa pixs ang aking mga ate. pati kami ni rona nahawa. you should drop by the office again. magpasta tayo sa baba after work.

God bless!

jasklfjsdk said...

Hi There dessa girl. First time kong mag-comment dito sa blog mo kahit na matagal na akong reader (mga at the time na lumabas ang harry potter book 6). And as "watson" (i read that blog and the reason why i'm here) & "princess em" says that you are photogenic indeed. How frequently do you update this site?

jasklfjsdk said...

Follow-up lang, Doon sa mga pic mo on How's HK Disneyland, Buti nalang naitayo iyan para sa mga hindi makakuha ng US and Japan Visa and nabigyan ang mga pinoy natin ng trabaho.

dessa girl said...

hi j_phearson... i update my blog at least 2x a month.. my next post will be my parents' experience sa hk disneyland..i'll try to post it later! tnx for dropping by!

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

nice ung mga colors sa pic! parang pinagusapan ninyo ang color scheme :)

nice din to see you're close to your relatives and that you support each other. my cousins and I have too big an age gap (some of them are 20 years older) to relate to one another properly.

dessa girl said...

hi cherry, thanks ha! nagpaka color wheel kami talga.. plain and bright was a must! hehe..

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