Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Trading Post

Another Baguio adventure for me! I've been to baguio and it's only the first time that i got to visit this trading post.. it's not exactly in baguio though but still in the province of Benguet. (tama ba itong pinagsasasabi ko? nways, it took us like 20 mins from Baguio Condotel to the trading post.. this is so cool. It's like a covered court full of buyers and sellers and loads of veggies!!! as in trucks of green thinamajiggies! the catch is, it's really cheap! like a kilo of small potatoes were 10pesos! the big ones were only for 20pesos!! although i am not a vegetable fan, i still bought some which i eat occassionally with meat! Like cauliflower was just for PhP 45 a kilo while broccoli was selling at PhP 50 per kilo... (actually, nung una, 45 lang. Aba! after buying my potatoes, pagbalik ko, 50pesos na! tumawag daw yung may ari and nalulugi daw sila... blahblahblah!) pero mura pa rin ito.. tapos yung binili kong young corn na 55pesos napanis! grrrr! i wanted to buy 2 kilos each but then we were only taking the bus going home so kawawa ako dahil ang dami ko nang bitbit pauwi. Nway, when we went back to baguio sa palenke mismo, they were selling a kilo of brocoli for 90! may tawad daw hanggang 85.. sowssss.. sana pala dinamihan ko na ang bili.. I also this super cute baby sitting on top of a sack of i-dunno. He or she was just there in the midst of all the bargaining... when we all stared at the baby admiring his or her cuteness, umiyak! oooopsssyyy.. natakot ata..

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