Tuesday, June 06, 2006

shoe ishu

ok... need a little help here regarding policies for dresscodes, particularly with shoes. for guys, there is no problem distinguishing corporate shoes from thier rubber shoes. so that's pretty settled.

however, it's a different story for girls. some people think that open-toe should not be allowed. closed shoes should always be worn, with or without heels... this is a bit of a problem since a lot of girls arnt comfy wearing closed shoes. why? it causes corn on your toes and around your foot. if you want to buy really comfy pumps, you have to have a budget of around 4k to buy from marks, naturalizer, rockport, ect.

in my opinion, i think open-toe shoes should be allowed since these looks corporate as well:

similar to these...

on the other hand, these.. although these are closed shoes...i think they do NOT look corporate at all...

(although i like the last one a lot.. and wear something similar to work sometimes).. point is, wats a gud suggestion to distinguish corporate open-toe shoes from non-corporate open-toe shoes? la lang.

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watson said...

Ummm... Dessagirl, ito yung pinag-uusapan nyo while in the pantry ano? hehehe

Ok yung second to the last. Parang 80s. Bwehehehehe!

Actually, in my opinion, ok naman yung open toes na photos na nasa blog mo ah. Well-researched ito!

Reminded me of an article in a newspaper. This writer was in a restaurant and there were yous regular waiters. But he spotted somebody different. He was happy. And he walked around like there was spring on his shoes. Alert sya. He noticed that the waiter's shoes looked very comfy. So he asked the waiter where he got his shoes. Guess what... sa kalye lang across the street!

Na-intrigue yung writer. He bought himself a pair too. He loved it. Pinaayos nya ng konti to make it look expensive than it really is at babagay sa office nya. He's not wearing it to any party anytime soon but he uses it in the office. And it does pass off as a pair of nice, black office shoes.

Moral of the story:
Look before you leap.

dessa girl said...

ugh. very deep watson. appreciate it though.

i will invest in nice comfy shoes... err.. i'm just waiting for the cash i need...

master CHU said...

nasa nagdadala yan!!!! kung corporate shoes nga pero mukha namang tanga yung may suot eh di nawala din yung epitome ng pagiging business look sa office!!!! inclined din 'tong blog mo dun sa request ko kay ma'am sue na payagnan na dapat yung mahabang buhok sa lalake eh. kahit mahaba buhok basta malinis tignan...ok lang dapat!

pero dito kasi sa office namin, jeans lang and sneakers eh kaya can't relate ako sa inyo dude!

(bwahahahaha!!!! ang yabang ko eh hindi pa nga ako regular dito. baka hindi ako matanggap at magreapply ako jan sa trends!)

dessa girl said...

mayabang ka naman talga chu eh. ngayon mo lang na-realize yan? kung tapak-tapakan mo kami dito sa office.. ganun na lamang..

haaaaay.. sana kasi pumayag na sila sa open-toe..

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

hmm... swerte na lang kami siguro at walang dress code, pwera lang mukhang disente kang tao. flip-flops nga lang ako madalas.

dessagirl, try mo ung so fab! sa glorietta. may wedges sila na less than 300.

dessa girl said...

hi cherry, super swerte niyo na you can wear anything to work. alam ko special price yung 299 right? pag sale lang? haaaay... thanks for the tip ha!

Aileen said...

i dont know jack about HR policies but i think closed shoes are preferred kasi nakakadistract ang sight ng toes at toenails. not everyone has the kikay-ness to actually take care that their toes regularly look clean and neat. so to maintain consistency and conformity, some companies place the rule na lang na bawal ang kita-toe shoes para kahit may pedicure o wala ang mga girls sa office, hindi affected ang corporate image. ;p

watcha tink? ang "scientific" no?

dessa girl said...

fearless: truly. i think dats exactly the reason of the management. kaya lang kasi may open toe na pwede naman kahit papano eh! ipaglaban ba daw? hehe.. pero good girl nako. closed shoes nako... good bye to all my kikay open toe shoes... haaay...

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