Friday, June 29, 2007

another divi trip

Of all the Divisoria trips i had, this must be the most difficult. iris and i had to go around almost all the areas to look for stuff to use in one of our events... bayani ito.. nevertheless, i still enjoyed going around and haggling for the best prices. went to areas i didnt usually go to and it was so hot, sticky and humid and the crowd was thick that day.

take a look at this street! my gulay! we also had this really nasty L300 pick us up na sobrang init ever!

i thought beads were only sold in quiapo coz that's where the girls i know get their stuff to sell as accessories. we saw a store full of wooden and plastic beads.. these were hanging really high!

tabora street had lots of native decors bags, hanging ornaments, and even raw materials like a yantok and these braided abaca thingamajig.. you can find almost anything here...couldnt get good pictures of all the stuff though.. baka ma-snatch ang akin phone.. wag naman..

my latest finds:

a goofy cel chain.. it's cute! his face on a yellow tsinelas. i like!

my bratz lunch box.. only for 100 pesos. they have strawberry shortcake, spongebob, etc.. i like this too!

the rest of the stuff we got were placed in the sako-bags... comes in different sizes. this one is about 30 by 20 inches for 40 pesoses

it'll be a while before i could go to divi again... which is a good thing. at least less shopping for me!


watson said...

Dessagirl, siguro may start of classes panic pa rin kaya ang daming tao. Yeah, nothing beats Divi pa rin when it comes to getting the most value out of your money.

Heto ang nakakatawa. A friend of mine recommended to his friends who were searching for a nice sofa to buy it from Divi so they can have a good price. So from San Juan, they took a cab, bought a sofa from divi, then rented an FX going back. Ummm... nakatipid kaya sila nun? hehe

dessa girl said...

correct. lots of guys were just selling rolls of plastic covers.

pero nakakatawa nga yung mga friends mo.. mukang napamahal pa. lets just hope quality yung sofa na nabili nila

Anonymous said...

Dessa..I wish there's Divi around here. Must be really nice to shop for trinkets and stuff(except for the crowd-I don't think I can handle that). If I was there, i'd go with you..Promise!

Take care always-hot-looking mama. I hope to see you soon. Anyway, I love your's so YOU. Gosh I miss keep posting =)

dessa girl said...

hey sweetie!!! i MISS you! God willing, i really plan to visit you next year..

talga? sasamahan moko? naku, good luck sayo.. ehehe.. when you visit, i'll bring you to all the bargain centers here! less the crowd pa (well, not really like the one over divi) you take care sis..

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