Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i'm back

i missed blogging..
nway, while i was fixing my bag last night, was a bit worried if i'd last the whole week with so little cash in my wallet. with all the sale going on, valentine's day, tin's wedding, etc., i dont think i can stretch my budget. when i looked in my wallet, i had an extra 500 and extra 100 in the pocket of my bag!!!!!!!!!!! love it love it love it... i cried because i felt the Lord's grace.. the great thing about being His child is that He always finds a way.. He takes care of me in ways i dont understand and yet things still turn out fine. Thank you Lord!!!!


watson said...

Dessagirl, pautang please

dessa girl said...

errrrrrrr.. i owe my sister money nga tapos magpapa utang pako.. haller... ehehehe

Sakai said...

glad ur back

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