Monday, March 10, 2008

How to arrange a LUAU PARTY this summer:

1. make your invitation

2. decorate your venue with torches, flowers, pineapples, etc. ~dont forget to use bright colors!

3. have leis, grass skirts, flowers, ready for your guests to wear! (in case they are pasaway and come in non-hawaiian outfits)

4. hire professional hula dancers or fire eaters.. if you dont have the budget, simply ask your friends to dance for you and your guests. make sure they are not the "shy-types"

5. finally, have a good band play some music for your guests..

~this is Honey's 18th birthday party. thanks to her family for arranging this one. had fun!!! i'd like to arrange my own luau some day.


watson said...

Uuuuyyy alam mo I attended a Luau party also, but that was years ago. 1995 pa, and it was in California! Nasa training ako noon. They gave us Hawaiian shirts na pwede mo na rin iuwi. And yup they had dancers and fire eaters as well. Ako lang Pinoy sa crowd. How wierd is that?! But I was with a Japanese and a Singaporean guy. Birds of the same feather, ika nga.

Looks like you had fun in this party! I was half-thinking you organized it actually... until I got to the last part.

dessa girl said...

talga? sa states ata super dali lang to arrange this one kasi complete yung chuva eck eck nila. at least dito ngayon dumadami na yung pwede mo i contact for fire dancers churva. remember nung golf? hehe

i like our Chirstmas party to be a luau sana.. diba ok yun???

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