Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Fairly OddParents!!!!

fairly oddparents

Aside from Spongebob SquarePants, i also find another cartoon from Nickelodeon really hilarious! It's THE FAILY ODDPARENTS!

This is about a little boy, Timmy, who has fairly oddparents. Not only do they give him anything that he wishes for, but they also give him good advice! His OddParents are wanda and cosmo. Wanda is the witty and smart one and acts like a real godparent. Cosmo on the other hand.. needs more brain power! Harhar! I also find timmy's teacher, Mr. Crocker, (ito yung kontrabida) really funny coz he twitches in a real weird way when he says: "Fairly-Odd-Parents!" He's always trying to prove they exist but never really succeeds!


Here are the major characters:

Timmy - The boy with the silly pink hat and fairy god parents. The kid who the show is about.

Wanda - She is one of Timmy's Fairy God Parents. She usually is smart and gentle and she will remain that way unless you make her mad. If you do, oh boy... it's over for you. (She has been known for making dinosaurs extinct).

Cosmo - Cosmo is Timmy's other God Parent. Most of the time he is not too bright, but he's a real fun person to be around.

Timmy's Mom & Dad - Timmy's mom and dad are well meaning, yet slightly weird parents. They both love Timmy more than anything.

Vicky - Vicky is Timmy's extremely nasty baby-sitter.

AJ - AJ is one of Timmy's best friends and likes to play his video games (created by magic). Plus, he's very smart and girl-crazy!

Chester - Chester is very much like AJ. They both like Timmy and are his best friends. He has blonde hair and braces, and his father was the worst major league baseball player ever.

Mr. Crocker - Mr. Crocker is Timmy's wacky teacher. He always wants to find Timmy's GodParents!

lifted from:http://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/ShowMainServlet/showid-4034


Lite Slim said...

don't you think that Sponge Bob is an odd-man-out in the story? He is a sponge and the rest of the characters are underwater creatures.

I wonder if Spongebob also labored at Restaurants, households, etc.

dessa girl said...

hi elizabeth.. yeah, i guess. except for sandy though.. she's a squirel living underwater.

it IS a bit odd that he is a sponge with underwater creature friends. but then again, he makes me laugh by being so silly and honest! harharhar!

Lite Slim said...

hi again dessa. thanks for linking me. maybe i havent really followed spongebob that's why i don't really know what is the story about.

i like pooh though. :P

will link you too :)

Lite Slim said...

thanks for the compliment :P hey, you might want to check my online store


hope you could pass the link to your friends too!

fisherpau said...

i like you pillow...can I have it? birthday ko nah :) hehehehehe :)

dessa girl said...

hmm... um. kasi nagiisa nalng yung pillow eh..err. hiya naman ako kasi bday mo nga naman...hanap kita ng ibang fairly odd stuff, ok? birhtday girl!birthday girl!!!

fisherpau said...

di na po...joke lang... :)

ill send out the invite for my birthday next week... :)

costume party... hehehehe

watson said...

Hi dessagirl! I also catch episodes of the fairly oddparents at nickelodeon occasionally. I love watching the Amanda Show and Spongebob. I am your prend.

babewolf said...

I sometimes watch fairly odd parents but i am into as told by ginger, hey arnold and spongebob!

dessa girl said...

hi babewolf and watson!it's nice to know i am not the only sane person who watches nickelodeon.. =) i feel more normal now.. i also discovered how funny jimmy neutron is. you guys should try to watch it. i like carl.. jimmy's fat bestfriend

babewolf said...

try watching dave the barbarian (disney channel). that cartoon is so hilarious! love all the characters.

dessa girl said...

ey babewolf! yup, i saw that cartoon twice and it IS funny! ang cute ng characters.. hehe

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