Monday, April 04, 2005

Kadiring Blog for today

ey, i know this is really gross for a lot of you. but, HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU?
eheheehhe.. i know people who get really turned off when the opposite sex is in this state. here in the philippines, one cannot help it sometimes kasi mainit talga. diba?makikita mo ito sa jeep, construction site, sa gym, concert, at kung sansan pa. harharharhar!

pero sabi nga ni doc emer, ang kilikili powers ay may positive effect rin think you can be attractive when your armpits are sweaty?


jgotangco said...'s raining men...

watson said...

hmmm... perhaps in the gym or in the running track. But in the office ... I'll give them a shirt courtesy of the christmas giveaways hehehe.

dessa girl said...

sir nick! jabar ako! i have sweaty kilikili! pahingi ng shirt!

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