Monday, July 11, 2005

Todo-Inventory na 'to!

Last Saturday, my group was assigned to major inventory in our warehouse at cavite. As early as 8:30 AM, people came in and teamed up in pairs to start counting. Watson (who was purely a volunteer--- mwah!) was my partner and we were TEAM 1!!! yeah! go TEAM 1! (nyerk) Our warehouse is huge and i was worried we won't finish by sunday--they planned to work until morning. helr? o diba at lahat yan ay bibilangin namin, bubuksan isa-isa ang kahon, lalagyan ng sticker, ibabalik sa kahon, pagkatapos isisigaw ang serial number. actually,si watson lahat ang gumawa nun. i did all the listing and sometimes placed the green and pink sticker on the box or the equipment itself. Then fisherpau came in the afternoon and teamed up with watson and i. yey! this acitivity was fun coz different people from different deparments joined. it took us the whole day to complete this task and we finished at around 11:00 PM. some people stayed until 12am! (mga bayani ito) we decided to go home since ang bagal na namin magbilang. another good thing about this acitivity is the food!!! foody! ang daming food! here are some things you would hear if you joined our inventory:

2. Um, anong page na kayo? kasi kami page 7 na eh (padaminhan ng pages na natapos 'to)
3. tut-tut-tut! (aatrasan ka ng forklift)
4. break time na!
5. PC one burger please!
6. may size 5 pa sa stock 3972 na orange?
o diba? yung iba walang sense talga. feeling mcdo or sm

here is a pic of a fatty me counting away with stickers and making poses sa forklift (ehehehehe) watson is my photographer kaya wala kaming pic parehas. i think he and fisherpau will be blogging this one too, though:


Princess Em said...

Ay grabe!!!! kung kasama ako dyan I'm sure inasthma na ako sa alikabok..

Bat naman kayo nag-imbertayo?? any big deal on it??

dessa girl said...

teambuilding namin 'to princess em.. eeeehehe... tulungan lang coz we have to encode everything sa mt.everest. naabutan mo ba yun?

fisherpau said...


teka dessagirl, i think you forgot to mention watson's "vavavoom" serial code....hehehehehe...

princess em, masarap mag inventory...kasi its the only chance you get to see a 1990's phone na sobrang may plastic pa at todo manuals with zip lock! :)

Princess Em said...

hi dessagirl, Si mt. everest? of course narinig ko na yun...akala ko natabunan na yun eh kc hindi ma-implement during my time there...

hi fisherpau, talaga made in the 80's..tell mr. fard, ipamigay na lang sa atin yun as remembrance..

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

may resale value pa ba ung phone? :P

uy, useful pala si nick. in fairness, mabait naman siya sa amin, lalo na kung siya ang taya sa food bill. hehe

dessa girl said...

cherry: ayaw nga ipamigay kasi hahanapin samin yun! it's so funny and ancient!

princess em:well, it has made a lot of progress since then.. kaya lang..still lots to do to get it running..

master CHU said...

ako din gusto ko ng phone!!!!

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