Friday, August 26, 2005


"When can you say that you are truly successful?" -one of the questions i ask whenever i interview an applicant.
Of course the answer to this question is subjective. Fresh grads say it is when they graduate and find a stable job asap. yuppies say it's when they have their own car, house and lot, and able to buy whatever they want. married people say it's when they can be a good provider to their family and at the same time be happy with their career. Some say you can never actually achieve success since is a continuous process.
I guess i have to agree with all of them. One thing i learned from life is that success depends on your relationships and achievements. I truly (ever) value my relationships... this gives me the happiness and joy when things around me get rotten. My achievements on the other hand, are of course a big part of it as well.. but then i think it' s more on relationships that really counts.. people around me suffer from broken relationships and unforgiveness. marriages that break up and people passing away lately have allowed me to sometimes reflect if i AM successful right now..
how bout you? (kunyari interviewhin kita: Looking at your life right now, can you say you are successful?)
Aside from my relationship with the Lord, here are the other things that make my life successful:
my daddy-o
Noel,ate& me
bnb bizu
bnb aug05
kath and i


cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

best measure of success so far? I'm still somewhat sane :)


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Hydralisk Den said...

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naomi said...

gusto ko sagutin yung tanong mo. kaso ayoko, baka umiyak ako. i'd love to say i'm successful right now, but there are some things that are not so successful. kulang eh...basta yun. hmph.

dessa girl said...

hi cherry, somewhat sane? sobra ka naman! hehe, pag applicant ka matatawa ako sayo..

mr. low carb:how'd you know i badly needed a diet?

naomz: ang batang ito ay napaka senti..don't worry, as long as you have the Lord in your life, success is never too far away..

fisherpau said...

hehehe cherry....teka, ang cute naman ng comment mo... pareho ata tayo coz inspite of every weird things that happened to me, I am still sane! (hmm...or it must be just my imagination!) ;p

Princess Em said...

successful??? i guess it will never be part of my system coz i want to see instead others to be successful through my help... through their successess, then I'm successful too..oks ba?

naomi said...

haha...yeah, senti nga ako. kasi naman sa dami ng bagyong dumarating sa buhay ko. but you are right, success isn't far away when we have God. in truth, i can say i am successful because i have learned the lessons God wants me to in the many things that i go through. i am actually counting a lot of successes in my life...naiiyak lang ako coz i kinda failed in one aspect...and it's not even my fault alone. oh well, complicated. but i do know that God can turn this into another success as soon as i have learned what i have to...hopefully soon.;) o diba, ang haba. hehe...

dessa girl said...

pau: could be!

ems: napaka noble naman ng success para sa iyo.

naomz: mashadong mahiwaga ang nangyari saiyo.. (for someone who doesnt really know what happened) nways, pagpray nalang kita para d ka na sad. otay? God bless

master CHU said...

dude!!! i can say na successful na me kasi solid yung mga bahay namin sa bora dude.

dessa girl said...

i am so tats bcoz a conio hab bin bisit my weblog. tenkyu master tsu. i idolize u.

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

dessa and pau,

actually sabi ng aking officemates e di na raw ako sane lalo na pag deadlines. :)

my gash. people are so conyo here. hehe

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