Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Taong Timog sa Hilaga

2 weekends ago, i went to the libis area.. havnt done this since 6 months...it's my inaanak's 3rd bday and it was held in jollibee libis. (Belated Happy Birthday Mr. Gio Riofrio! a.k.a superman!) after this, my sister and some of our old churchmates went to eastwood and afterwards at the new market in Tiendesita's.


The last time i went to Eastwood was 3 years ago so it's still something new to me. nways, i didnt know shops there were open until midnyt during weekends. sobrang ok ito! there was also this event for pets.. they had dog shows and all...tiangges for dogs too! lemi show you picture i took:

here is a stall that sell sofas for your pets and shoes as well. how cute!
sofa beds for dogs
dog shoes
and here is me going thru small tiangges! hehe..
tiangge in eastwood
after this, i went to see the new TIEN DESITA'S. this is mytha, sam and i. Nways, It's this new market place that is supposed to promote Filipino products. it has this asian design.. um, how do i describe this.. something like gigantic huts? shops were in rows and some were air-conditioned while others were of the typical tiangges. We went there at around 7 pm and it was really hot! imagine shopping there at 12 PM! naku, super pawis ang mga tao nun! yikes! there were sections for accessories, furnitures, food, antiques, and pets. in the center, there's this big food court with a stage for a band. it's this big circus tent thingy with colorful lamps and vintas (not sure) hanging. nway, the food's yummy and a bit expensive.. there was nilaga for 90 pesos per order and tuna belly na 2 inches lang for almost 200. my friend, IRIS, on the other hand said the food they ate was realy cheap like this big plate of nachos for 90.. oh well... i enjoyed my bbq with rice and violet puto (putobungbung ba yun? hindi ko alam spelling eh)
take a look at this litl tiger. you can find him or her sa pet section.. too bad he or she was asleep when i passed by:
baby tiger
here are the lamps you can find haning in the food court and some stalls as well:


babewolf said...

hey dessa! I went to Eastwood a few months ago and during the weekend, they even have this mass with your pet dog! It was so cool!

I haven't been to Tiende Sita's even to Cuenca's but I would love to go there someday! Hmmmm....

dessa girl said...

yeah, they also do that in alabang or forbes or something.isnt dr a saint for pets? hehe.. not really familiar with that thou.

babewolf said...

Si St. Francis of Assisi ata yun. Meron pa isa si San Roque na may kasamang pet dog.

Aileen said...

hehehe ngayon ko lang inenglish sa utak ko ang title ng post mo... nakarelate ako!!! araw-araw ganyan ang drama ko sa UP: southerner in the north! :p

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