Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My Harry Potter Weekend

Finally! My Harry Potter tickets werent until Nov20, Sunday.. so by the time i watched it, almost all fanatics textd me their views about the movie.. Nevertheless, I was still excited to see it! I loved the movie but I think it’s not for kids anymore.. well, maybe for some parts of it. But most of the issues were for teenyboppers already. The picture above is one of my favorite scenes from the movie.

Here are my comments on the 4th movie:

Voldemort reminded me of the girl who played satan in the movie, The Passion of the Christ. He looked so scary and just like what I pictured sa book. I do hope book 7 would reveal harry as the winner and not voldemort.. this will be a real big disappointment for me..

Cho-Chang was not that pretty too.. I think Heart Evangelista would make a prettier Cho-Chang… I heard she tried out for that part (not sure if it’s true though)

Parvatti and her twin (tama ba?) were not who I expected. I never thought of them as Asians.. (let alone Indians). did they mention this in the book? I always imagined them as Caucasians. But anyways, they did a good job in playing their roles.

Fleur was supposed to be a lot prettier and kikayer than she is in the movie..

Cedric should be more handsome.. and Krum was supposed to be ugly but he turned out to be guwapo!

Nway, all in all, I think the movie was great!

Another reason why I had a great weekend was because the whole glorietta was on sale! I only found out lunch time last Friday! Sus, instead of buying a set of silver earrings lang, I ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes, 2 skirts, and a top as well. Waaaahahahah! Pero in fairness, I got 50 to 70% discount. Not bad right?

After work I met up with my sister, cuzin, and bestfriend jacky to have dinner and to look for more bargains. We left at 11 pm.. then the next day, my sister and I had breakfast before I went to work. We met up with my boo for lunch and continued to do more serious bargain hunting. We left the mall at 5pm.. exag ito! Then the next day, boo and I returned for pretzels and to see the movie!!! Although halos wala na akong pera and I’m already currently spending from my savings, happy naman ako.. um, happy na shocked na naubos pera ko..

Here are some shots from my weekend:

My boo posing beside his great great great grandpa at the Big Grill.. wahahaha!

my very own american indian

One of my favorite shops during midnyt madness coz it’s 50% off all clothes plus they let you fit their stuff:

midnyt madness

Me in Kamiseta trying to find my size. (yung naka pink ako) Grabe, lahat ng tinda dito nung sale ay small or extra small. Buwiset! Wala ako nabili dito, galit yata sila sa matataba, ano?wachu think?
midnyt madness


fisherpau said...

hey frankie, nice revamp on your site ha...i like it!!! :)

yeah, your right, I always thought that Krum would look so scarry...hehehehe..and fleur to be alot kikay nga...hehehehe...

dessa girl said...

ey pauline, thanks ha. naaliw ba mashado sa stars?

Princess Em said...

hi dessa girl. nice comments girl.. me too loved the movie so much. the best movie Harry Potter movie so far.

hanep.. shopping to the max ka ah..i hope i have your passion for shopping too. i only shop should i need something.. not really like the idea to swim too on sale time. i prefer to shop on places with very few people..hehehe

Aileen said...

hello dessa! nakabalik na ako sa maynila last tuesday. napanuod ko na din ang harry potter sa wakas... at syempre pa may comments ako. check mo na lang blog ko what they are.

grabe ka naman... wish mo pa na mas gwapo si cedric??? wala ka na atang contentment, girl. hehehe. siguro ang naisip mo lang, mala-brad pitt ang dating nung mama. medyo nagulat nga ako sa "look" nya... medyo badingin, pero gwapo pa din. :D

dessa girl said...

princessa: i think it's the best out of the 4 movies too. nways, it would be sooooooo nice and convenient to shop during those days na walang tao. kaya lang i cant afford to do that due to my very limited budget. kaya pag may sale, super sulit and nagtitiis ako makipagsiksikan

fearless: welcome back! hehe.. natawa naman ako sa comment mo kay cedric! "badingin?" weheheheh!!!

watson said...

bwahuhuhu! So you have finally watched Harry Potter! Guess what. 3 times ko na sya napanood! Yung premier sa Glorietta, tapos first day showing sa Greenbelt, tapos sa SM Baguio Sunday of that same week. Pero all the while I didn't realize yung twins ay yung Parvatti pala! bwehehe

Oo nga, may mga mas byutipul pa kesa dun sa nag-portray kay Chuchang. Siguro kasi they were looking for an Asian with British accent.

Does this mean wala kang merienda sa table mo kasi naubos ulit sa shopping galore?

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

wahahaha. Sabi pala ng Warner Bros. people na ung taga ABS lang nagcirculate na Heart tried out for Cho Chang. Di po siya nagaudition. hehe.

Anyway... grabe ka pala mag-shopping. sa tiangge lang kaming magkapatid ngayon kaya magsplurge. sigh... miss the days when my parents used to pay for my clothes. heehee.

dessa girl said...

watson: yun yung twins ano!.. at lesat that's what i think.. nways, truly, i already have some moolah.. kc sweldo na pero i'm gona transfer what i got from my savings so foor nanaman ako.

cherry: talga? not true? sayang, i lyked the idea of heart sa movie.

grabe ako magshopping nun kasi i hve to wait for another midnyt madness to do that again. i've been to 3 tianges already. sa world trade, eastwood, and the new one sa tiendesita's. ok naman so far.. pro yung iba d n tiange prices.

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

naku huwag ka sa tiendesitas. medyo may kamahalan sa kanila. sa eastwood napansin ko na depende sa area na pinupuntahan mo ang presyo. May sandals nabili si sister for 300 e samantala sa stall sa loob e 380 ang benta.

dessa girl said...

mejo mahal nga doon.. but the bazaar i'm really waiting for is the st. james bazaar in cuenca st., alabang.. oooooohhh! this is like the bestest ever!!!! hehehe...

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