Thursday, May 05, 2005

My New Collection

magnet collection
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I used to collect erasers when i was a kid. I also collected and swaped pencils and stationary.. hehe.. up until now, i still keep most of them. Especially the SANRIO ones.

I decided to start a new collection of magnets last March when i came back from my 2-week vacation. I know lots of people collect magnets.. but they're cheap and really easy to find so it's easy to have a huge collection. So far, this is what i have. I stick them on my overhead drawer at work and i hope to have more soon! i practicly beg pipol who go on vacation or on trainings to bring me home a magnet..(before it used to be choklits)Although i wouldn't mind if that person would give me choklits as well. hehe.. In our office, those who go on vacation or on training like bringing back choklits and keychains. FOREVER yaaaan! That's why I always suggest to bring me a magnet instead.

Anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FISHERPAU!! God bless you! Thanks to her, i have a cool Budapest magnet. mwah!


fisherpau said...

Thanks :) don't year magnets from belize ang dala ko sayo... magiipon muna ako ng airfare :) hehehehehe

Princess Em said...

Hola amiga guapa. Guilty naman ako i didn't buy you a magnet from singapore coz u have na 1 eh. On my next trip, I'll buy u, promise.

master CHU said...

based on an article in GQ Magazine, most people who collect magnets are referred to as Magnaterinians. With the carrier root word “magna” which means to stick on metal objects during the Pre-American Gentleman’s War. Magnaterinians were observed to have diminutive familiarity with common knowledge. They have the mind-boggling ability to provide nuisance to people without even moving a finger. Due to their inferiority, most of them hid in cold remote mountains in the northern states of America and due to their futility, majority died. Today, many scientists and geologists believe that Magnaterinians walks within us, particularly female HR personnel with long hair and white skin are deemed to have close family ties with Magnaterinians.

dessa girl said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
master CHU said...

yeah right! wala kang proof! ako nabasa ko yan sa GQ magazine kasi subscriber ako nun!

dessa girl said...

fisherpau: sige, i shall wait for you to get back from your trip.

princess emelia: ish ok po..although i really dont mind having more than one magnet from the same place.

master chu: this research of yours makes you sound like an absolute dope. Magnaterinians are intelligent creatures. they attract people due to their elegance and style. they are often misunderstood by savages like you because they are of pure high class species. it is the likes of you ( i don't even know what type of algae you are) that causes magneterinians to die simply because we cannot take your whole being... it is too ugly and tragic for us beautiful and exquisite people to bear.

jgotangco said...

Whenever I get the chance to travel, I buy souveneir plates (either ceramic or pewter craft). I got a a nice collection already. The best in my collection so far are the Chokin plates from Japan.

dessa girl said...

wow.. your collection sounds really nice. why dont you send me a pic? hehe.. or better: blog mo sha!

i have one of those plates at home and it's from norway..

watson said...

ako rin, may souvenir plate. From Benguet.

Sabi ni Chu sa blog ko wala ka raw fashion sense. Is this true? Truly?

dessa girl said...

thanks for telling me, watson. inaway ko na sha sa blog mow.

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