Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Magnet update!

Hi! look how my magnet collection grew! i havnt gone to all the places though.. most of the magnets were given by my colleagues, family, friends who travel. to those who brought me home magnets: thank you!

MAY 6, 2005
magnet collection
JULY 18, 2005
FEBRUARY 8, 2006
my magnets as of feb8,06


watson said...

What a magnetic collection you got there! Me, I used to collect die cast metal toys, and before that coffee mugs, and before that coins, and before that shells, and before that stamps. Now, I collect dust from all these collection. :-)

dessa girl said...

hehe.. i remember your post about some of your toys.. they really take up space.. lalo na yung coffee mugs..

Aileen said...

hoy bawal sa ISO yang mga magnet-magnet na yan sa work area!! :-p hehehe. sayang hindi kita nadalhan ng mga magnets. sowi i kinda forgot you were collecting. di bale next time, pag napadpad ako sa ibang lugar na naman. ako, i collect key chains from the places ive been to. kahit stopover lang at airport lang ang narating ko, may-i-buy pa din ng key chain.

dessa girl said...

fearless: kaya nga siguro hindi kami ma-approve sa ISO. hehe.. yung katabi kong cubicle puro key chain rin, kaya lang unlike you, hinihingi niya ito since she doesnt travel much! thanks ha!

fisherpau said...

yeah, the toys and the coffee mugs really does takes alot of space...di na kasha yung dalawang regalo sakin nung christmas na mga starbucks na mug and tumbler...

sige pag natuloy ang event sa iloilo, ill add another magnet to your collection :)

alia said...

oh wow! i've always wanted to have a magnet collection! but i decided to wait until i had my own big ref! hehe. anyway, i'll get you a magnet when i go to camarines sur. :)

dessa girl said...

fisherpau: thanks ha! wala pako ng ilo-ilo magnet

ali: hi! thanks for dropping by! i dont have a camarines sur magnet yet.. hope to meet layla soon

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

pareho collection natin: dust!

paano mo alam na walang nagnenenok ng mga yan?

dessa girl said...

cherry: good question. mejo memorize ko pa naman sha kahit papano. but it's very possible na may magnakaw niyan! kasi dati, ninakaw yung celphone kong bago during lunch. pagbalik ko, wala na... 3 years ago and still not over it.

master CHU said...

haaaaay nako. puro pasikat nanaman.

dessa girl said...

chu, inggit ka lang kasi magnetarianist ako. ok?

watson said...

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