Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Things you can do in HK

1. Get fasyon tips from peeps ober dr. i personaly liked the way people dressed in hongkong. since it's still winter, most girls wear boots with skirts and jeans. sobrang cool! some of my friends think they are baduy. i, on the other hand, totally enjoyed their fashion sense. take a look at pix i got from the mtr (mrt satin) and mcdo. their wardrobe is totally inspired by the 80's with wild colors and polka prints matched with plaid and stripes. even their hair are 80's/anime inspired! wish i could pull this off!

boots galore
boots galore
2. Shopping. siyempre, hindi mawawala ito. kahit anu pang pigil ang gawin ko, hindi ko kaya. mwehehe.. but i got good bargains tho. you can go in street markets, malls that look weird and scary (yung tipong nasa basement tapos parang maraming goons), or at really classy malls with designer stuff. if you buy in the mongkok night market, things are really expensive. but if you go to the dubious malls i mentioned, you will find real nice tops for hk$25 each (forex is hk$1 = php7.5). but if you to stores like giordano, bossini, g2000, u2, esprit, you'd get really good bargains pagnataon na sale talga. like in tung chung (spell check) if you buy 2 items, you get an additional 20% off the sale price! o diva? here is my sis and i in mong kok night market. i'll be posting pics of the stores where i got real good discounts.
mong kok night market
esprit sale
daddy ko
3. Theme Parks. masarap mamashal dito kasi everything is so accessible through commute! you can walk, take the train, bus, or ferry. i'm proud to say that i'm pretty good with the hk mtr already.. hehe.. iwan moko sa kahit anung station, and i'll find my way back. dito pag nagcommute ka, sobrang hasle! my sister, her boyfriend, and noel and i went to disneyland and ocean park. my parents didn't bother to go at nagikot nalang sa mga tindahan ng intsik. we were also with divine, ptr. demi's daughter. she's out tour guide! the girls liked disneyland more while the boys enjoyed ocean park better. i guess it's because of the rides. we had a free ticket for disneyland so i'm not sure how much yung entrance. from admiralty station of the mtr, bus ride and entrance for ocean park is $hk 208. mejow mahal.
my boo
4. Visit friends. we spent our sunday service at Church of Christ in Hong Kong located in Central. it's a congregation of around 60 and most are females, working in Hong Kong. the rest are permanent residents and most are filipinos. ptr. demi and ptr. sunny (he will now be moving to dubai) are the ones taking care of our brothers and sisters who need a lot of encouragement since they are far from their families and usually have difficult employers. they are so warm and super nice! last 2003, one of the girls, si grace, brought us to a nearby market. she's now moving to canada.. if you're around hk, you might wana visit them. nakaka-bless!
Church of Christ in Hong Kong


watson said...

Ubos na yung lollipop. What else do you have for me?

Aileen said...

uy... si tito pie!! regards nga pala to your dad! hindi kami nakapagchikahan nung magkita kami sa eco nung may funeral service. nakakatuwa pa naman sayang katsismisan... hehehe. :D

anyway, when i go to hongkong, you have to give me tips, ha.

babewolf said...

dessa gel! punta kami dyan sa april 17 what are your tips in what I will bring there? malamig ba talaga dun? Madami ba akong mashoshopping? You know how I love to buy funky shoes, san dun pwede bumili. Mga magkano ba dadalhin kong shopping mney? I wil be there 4 days and 3 nights eh. Give me tips please????

dessa girl said...

watson: um, pictures? sowi ha.. ang budget ay naubos sa pamasahe sa tren at sa mcdonalds na parang 350 ang value meal nila dun!

fearless and babewolf: tips wen u go to hk? um, bring lots of cash! hehe.. mahal ang fud and pamasahe. for shopping chuvaness, go to tungchung, tsim sha tsui, yuenlong (dis wr i got dem funky shoes for hk$50), and central. you can find both designer and funky stuff sa mall or street markets.and opscors, go to disneyland and give goofy a big hug for moi! um, pati na rin si papa tarzan, paki beso. kaso nahalata namin ni noel may make-up yung abs niya. hehe..

oi maldita! how much should you bring? 15k will be enough.. kasama na dun food and pamasahe and entrance to disneyland or ocean park. if you pay for both, you might not have enough to go shopping

master CHU said...


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dessa girl said...

oi chu, wag mo sakin ibuhos yung galit mo sa ibang tao jan sa tabi-tabi, ok? duh?! baka masira ang napaka gandang pagtingin sakin ng mga blogger. pambihira!

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