Thursday, April 06, 2006

cell group

last March we had seminar at church regarding the importance of cell groups. cell leaders from bf, olongapo, bicol, galas, pamapanga were there. and even if i no longer had a cell group, i still wanted to join since i'm hoping to start another one sa youth naman but still continue the one with my cousins. this seminar was given by pastor uriel.. ithe things he said were really powerful and encouraging. people again were reminded of the what really matters: TO BRING MORE SOULS TO CHRIST. hope i could be part of a cell as well.. not as a cell leader but as a member. cell leaders talk less. if you're a member, you can do all the talking. mwehehehe.. it's a good place to vent and to be open without any hesitations.


goldi said...

dess, link update lang. I changed blog address. it's already paki-update na lng link. thanks!

God bless you

Aileen said...

hello dessa! tagal mong walang post ah... super busy ka siguro sa work. actually kaya ako nagcomment kasi there is no other way to reach you... hehehe... and we (Praise Theme) would want to talk sana to Kuya Pie regarding saturday night sa convention. sya kasi ang magbibigay ng message on the night na kami ang maglilead ng worship, specifically kami ni jerome. we wanted to talk to him kasi we want the end of the singing to go directly sana to his message. anyway, email me naman his contact info etc... at

thanks! God bless!!


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