Thursday, July 20, 2006

my eating out adventures

so ito nanaman ako, kumakain nanaman.. here are the resto's i tried lately. take note, i didnt spend more than 300 each resto!

here is MYLK (my little kitchen). i tried their roast pork, kiddie carbonara, salmon, etc. nakitikim lang ako ha. akin yung kiddie pasta. it was good! nice ambiance.. this resto in grnblt 3 has a country feel to it.. had dinner here with my family for my dad's bday and father's day.

authentic indian food... i think this resto is bombay,
this is surprisingly good for moi. my friends ordered chicken tikka, nan, um potatoes with cheese. it's really yummy and one order is good for 2 servings. my high school friends and i ate here twice within the last month. you should try it! it's in dela costa near ministop in front of somerset. i always have my food prepared in mild spicy manner. watson had a blog about this resto too. i'm not sure of the exact link but you can visit

another store would be recipes, also in greebelt 3. here is the extended bnb clan. dyan, moi, kirsten (dyan's bebe), tin, wilbert (ash's bf), ash, kikay, randel (jacky's bf), and jacky. too bad kikay's baby and noel couldnt make it. they have yummy chicken here.. i'm so sorry i forgot the exact thing kasi this was last june 12 pa.. everybody was happy with the food and shared the classic pinoy dishes like fried fish, beef salpicao (is this pinoy?) etc.



naomi said...

ui, eating moments uli!:D recipes is owned and managed by a former classmate in kalayaan college (grad na siya). masarap nga ang food at mura.;) i have yet to try the other restos you mentioned. bihira na kami magawi sa makati eh...hmm...come to think of it, bihira na kami magawi anywhere. hehe...the whole family's so busy.

dessa girl said...

hi naomz.. as usual kumakain lagi ang lola mow.. try mo sa mylk

Pong said...

hello... napadaan... i like ur blog.. nice, interesting entries... =)

watson said...

Dessagiiirrrrlll... diet dieeeettt...

Thank you for the plug to my blog :-)

Sarap talaga kumain, agree ako dyan :-)

dessa girl said...

hi pong, thanks so much for dropping by.. glad you like my posts! =)

watson, as if naman your blog needs plugging! hehe.. diet? what diet? my sexiness cannot accept dat!

Aileen said...

hiya! parang isang lakaran lang lahat ng resto na sinabi mo ha! since you're in the area, may i share lang ang aking tatlong favorites sa lugar na yan: 1) cafe bola, 2) haiku, and 3) cascada. not in that order kasi ang super favorite ko ay ang haiku: haiku salad rules at saka yung spicy tuna sashimi! yum ever!!

bad experience ako sa mylk around two years ago (circa spiderman 2). ang bagal ng service nila. medyo nahigh blood ang aking papa. lipat kami red crab. :D i'll try to go back now... baka naredeem na nila ang sarili nila.

bombay... naku, nahihilo ako sa indian music eh. hindi ko makaya ang bollywood songs, may kakaibang tililing sa tenga ko. alam ko i'm missing out on a lot. hayaan mo punta ako dun nafull volume ang ipod. hahahaha!

dessa girl said...

hi fearless! mwehehe.. hindi naman.. may mga 2 weeks pagitan yan! hindi lang halata.. hehe..

about haiku, baka hindi ko type dun kasi hindi po ako kumakain ng gulay.. errr..

cafe bola, i like! cheap and yummy, except pancit bihon na parang salt and sahog

sa mylk, twice palang ako nakakakain dun.

about the indian resto, dont worry. they dont play indian music. it's just a small place where lots of foreigners (american, korean, chinese, indian, etc.) dine in..

master CHU said...

what a POSER!!!!!

dessa girl said...

chu, ur not such a bad poser urself!

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

er, hinaharass ka pa rin ni chu long distance?

dessa girl said...

yes, cherry. that's how much he loves me. miss nako ni chu!!!

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