Tuesday, December 26, 2006

kris kring kring

hi! our office is one of those "kris kringle types" during Christmas.. our mechanics are a bit different:

1. pick your 80's code name (we had an 80's-themed party this year btw)
2. check who your mommy and baby is at the posted chart

3. wait for your baby's wish

4. post your wish

revlation will be during the party, and your gift should be at least PhP 500. as usual, the sky is the limit.. some posted for havaianas, sd cards, bed sheets, bag, belt, cologne, etc. ang wish ng bayan ay ang 1 gig na thumb/flash drive.. dats what my baby wished for so i got it for him.

my wish on the other hand was super garapal:

and guess what? i ended up getting my lacoste perfume and a 1gig thumb drive! YEAH! turns out the one who got me was a board memeber dats why i really made an expensive wish (btw, only 2 of the organizers know the code names.. and i was one of them) wahoo! thanks sir jan!

what did you get for your kris kringle chuvanels?


Iskoo said...

wow panalo ka pala sa kris kringle.

ang wish list ko bath towael dahil nga mahilig ako sa gym, pero di nagkaroon ng chance na bumili yung nakabunot sa akin kaya binigyan nalang ako ng gift check worth 500. hehe. di ko binili yung towel, pinambili ko nalang ng pagkain yung 500 guft check, hrrr hrrr...

watson said...

Ako, naglista ng mga DVD na gusto ko. Ang binigay sa akin, yung 4-disc Indiana Jones DVD set! I like!

master CHU said...

ako first time ko mag xmas na wala sa pinas. nakakalungkot din pala talaga. apat lang kami sa bahay. pero masaya parin kahit papano....iboblog ko nga yung mga pictures ko nung pasko. bad trip kasi walang internet yung pc ko dito sa office eh. hi ma!

dessa girl said...

iskoo: haha! food nalang ba ang binili mo? ako siguro ganun din gagawin ko no

watson: how generous naman! bait rin pala ng mommy mo..

chu: naku, malungkot nga yun.. oi, mag update ka nga ng blog mo! promise mo sakin magbloblog ka parin eh!

cruise said...

wish come true! more wishes to come true this 2007.

have a fruitful and blessed new year dessagirl!

Iskoo said...

Peace in your heart
Warmth in your soul
Contentment in your life
Joy in your home
May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures!
Happy New Year to you and your family!

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