Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thank You!

I have my starbucks planner.. my very first ever.. the planner does not usually interst me for the previous years.. but then when i saw the sample last dec, it looks different and a lot nicer! =) i would like to thank the following for my free drinks:

opis: for buying 5 regular drinks for our meeting

watson: for buying iris and i drinks after winning "2006 non-technical manager of the year"

melvin and rona: for buying one holiday drink to give the receipt to me!

tita norma: because noel forced her to buy the last 3 drinks dec30 so i can finally get my planner! hehe...


watson said...

wahahaha naka-plug pa pala ako dito. Thanks Dessagirl.

Just dropping by to let you know that Doulos - the floating bookshop - is in Manila! Learn more about it here:

watson said...

Parang putol yung url sa unang comment ko... try this instead.

Until January 22 only!

Iskoo said...

aha galing! kami kulang pa ng 8 stickers. ilang araw nalang matatapos na promo. kailanagan kong mag patawag ng coffee drinking session dito sa office

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