Wednesday, January 24, 2007


last dec, noel's mom invited us to dinner at d fort. the resto we tried is pretty small with about 6 tables inside and 3 outside.. surprisingly, lots of people were in line for a seat.. nways, their specialty is.. GUAVA.. obvious? i mean dishes served with guava..they serve modern pinoy food, which is good and not too pricy. around 200 for each viand. i am not a fan of sinigang with guava.. it was good though, but then i really prefer my sinigang to be really sour and a bit spicy.. yum! our appetizer was real good though.. i think it's a variety of rolls... yun nalang ginawa kong ulam plus a little sabaw

rolls with bopis? i think...her is our sinigang and my serving fo rice!

visist GUAVA at the serendra commercial complex. there are a lot of nice and new restos there too.. pati brazil-brazil meron dun! yummy!


cruise said...

an yang serendra commercial complex, mukhang masarap ang food. P200 for eah viand oks na rin kung unique naman luto na may kasamang guava. nasubukan ko na lutong bahay sinigang na bangus sa guava, masarap.

Iskoo said...

mukhang masarap. so far ang alam ko lang na pagkain na nilalagyan ng guava ay sinigang, meron pa pala iba.

watson said...

Na-try mo na ba ang ginataang guava? Ang sarrrap. Pag-dessert. At yung minatamis na guava? Grabe, ang sarrrrap din!

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