Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Balentimes!

I think feb 14 is quite big here in the philppines. i'm not sure if people from other countries feel the same about valentine's day.. pero feeling ko mas exag dito. maraming nageexpect at gumagawa talga ng effort para memorabilia and 14. heehee.

heniway, here's what i did during that day. (of course this still includes eating yummy foodie).

had lunch with my girlfriends: iris, gen, and shirley over at ALEXA'S DELI. it's this resto near our office along H.V. Dela Costa. My boss was the one who introduced me to this resto. since then, i take my college and high school friends there whenever they visit me at the office. we love their salmon sandwich (the salmon literally falls off the bread sa sobrang kapal), salmon pasta, and kilbasa pasta. (kilbasa is my peborit sowsage) see our pictures:

nag-eemote ang mga lola kasama ko (shirley, gen-shuta, and iris)

dessa girl with her shuta-gen and her kilbasa pasta!

then i also sold lots of chocolate roses! our church (Christ's Church in BF Homes) purchased a lot last year in bf paraƱaque which measures 6,667 sqm!!! so we really need funds to build the new chapel. the lot is paid off already (thank You, Lord!) the youth and worship team made these and i volunteered to sell them here in the office.. sobrang mura kaya naubos lahat! these were my samples:

then had a really pleasant surprise when i got home: candle-lit dinner in our small terrace! my boo set up the whole place with everthing planned! my favorite steak fr fridays, flowers, cd playing all our songs, the works! ang effort nakakahimatay!.. especially after emoting the whole day nung 14 kasi i tot he was in bicol. mwehehehe.. happy girl!


watson said...

teka teka bakit ngayon ko lang nakita ang post na ito? Antidated ba?

Oh yes. Big deal ang valentines dito. Once when wifey was here in Manila, I went to Holland Tulips in Glorietta at lunchtime to buy flowers. Grabe. Guys were lined up getting their bouquet of tulips and roses. All were fidgeting kasi rushing like me. hahaha!

What did we do on Valentine's Day? this year? Work! Ingress sa Edsa Shang huhuhu

dessa girl said...

halu.. hindi ito antedated anu.. weird. hindi nga kita nakita nun, sir nick! how come?

Iskoo said...

looks really enjoyed your shuta-gen! ma try nga yang alexa's

watson said...

update! update!

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