Thursday, March 15, 2007


just noticed that it's been a month since i last updated my blog...
(watson, ito na yung update na hinihingi mo: ang pagpuna ko sa kawalan ng time magpost!)
been having problems lately.. both personal and at work. so there.. maybe my mind isnt just working hard enough on the blogging part of my life.
but i believe it will pass. whatever it is, i can get thru it through Christ who strengthens me. having FAITH during these times helps BIGTIME. i hate having negative vibes.. being down is something i was never comfortable about.. then again, its rare to see someone comfortable with problems.
someone told me, you should be alarmed when everything in your life is going great.. hehe.. kasi you might be missing out on the things that really matter, which is why you sometimes get a wake up call. i personally believe in: "what cant kill you will make you stronger". as long as you give it to the Lord, there will always be that thought at the back of your head (behind all the hurts and worries) that you will be ok.. it takes FAITH.
so for now, i look forward to the day where i will laugh at what i'm going thru right now and would feel so mature and stronger.. for now, i will have to get it together and keep on hoping for the good. again, having that relationship with the Lord makes all the difference..


watson said...

personal and at work? Hang in there Dessagirl...

Princess Em said...

hi dessagirl --ano problem? anything i can do?

dessa girl said...

watson and princess em:

thanks so much you guys.. just include me in your prayers. =)

FollenKollen said...

hey frankie...

whatever is that you're going through right now... just hang in there... :)

you'll get by it for sure...

Aileen said...

hi dessa... kaya mo yan! at kahit hindi mo kaya... kaya ni Lord yan. everything happens for a reason--and everything works out together for good for those who love Him.

i have no idea what you're going through but because i'm going through some things myself, i share in your negative vibes. i tell you when this phase has passed through, it will make you stronger.

God bless girl!

dessa girl said...

hi follen and aileen.. super thanks for the encouragement. i'm glad i made this post kasi nakaka gaan ng loob ang mga comments niyo..

my problems are still here.. but have not cried for a few nights now.. so i guess i'm getting better at handling it..

thanks so much.. i believe all these will pass..

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