Friday, April 27, 2007

Community Service

i have a really soft spot for lolos... as in when i see them alone, sick, or sad, or begging, etc.. i cry! literally!

so when we needed to visit Golden Acres Home for the aged in QC for our company's community service, i knew i was going to have one of those moments again. during our occular, i tried so hard not to cry when i saw the lolos sitting down in the chapel.. and before we started the activity.. i had to compose myself since i felt tears welling up already and iris and i were in charge of the program.

seeing the elderly sing, dance, and participate in games was really heart warming. especially when they thank you and ask you to come back.. =(.. the lolos and lolas of this institution btw are abandoned.. so no family really visits them except for the volunteers. i pray that when my parents grow old, i will be able to give them a happy and comfortable life..
photo from: pauline


Iskoo said...

naalala ko tuloy yung lolo ko, he is sick right now pero ang layo ko sa kanya. sana gumaling siya sa madaling panahon.

i admire your company kasi may time for community service, maganda kasi naging part kayo ng buhay ng mga lolo at lola sa golden acers

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

I never really knew my grandparents since most of them died before I was born and the one 1 lola I had was senile because of a stroke. people should really learn to care for and appreciate the elderly. we are all going down that road after all.

dessa girl said...

iskoo: yup, i'm really glad our company is involved in this. hope your dear lolo gets well soon...

cherry: correct. the lolos and lolas told us that if we have parents who are old, dont send them to homes =(..

watson said...

naku, kung andyan rin pala ako eh baka nag-iyakan tayong lahat. huhuhu

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