Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

during our sunrise service last Sunday, this song had an impact on moi:

"Jesus, I believe in You, and i would go to the ends of the earth.. to the ends of the earth.. for You alone are The Son of God and all the world will see You are God.. You are God"

i know it has no direct relation to His resurrection but then this is what i reflected on last easter..

hope you guys had a meaningful weekend. God bless!


watson said...

Have you watched The Nativity Story? Beautiful narration.

Iskoo said...

very nice lyrics, hillsongs ba yan?

dessa girl said...

watson: nope.. you have the dvd by any chance? baka maiyak ako niyan

iskoo: yup! i believe it is.. nice no? glad you appreciate it too. =)

cruise said...

tama walang direct realtion yung kanta sa easter pero because of what happened in the cross He deserve all our praises.

dessa girl said...

cruise: correct! He died and rose once and for all! amen!

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