Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kids Camp

last friday and saturday, Christ's Church in BF Homes sponsored a kids camp. since i had to work Fridays, i took a leave last sat to be one of the staff. aaaaaannddd.. i am the GAME MASTER!!! hehe.. during fun time, we played lots of games: sack race, bring me, trip to jerusalem, wacky worm, mathematical boat is sinking, relays, newspaper dance, etc. the games were pretty simple and traditional but the kids had so much fun! they didnt get tired at all kahit mejo yung mga teachers ay todo pawis na!

the camp was held inside the worship hall so kids didnt really go out under the sun. they had skits, arts and crafts, lectures on establishing their quiet time, Bible reading, and prayer. you'd be surprised how fast they learn.. then they were also taught how to look up verses in the Bible.. wish i got to go to camps like this.. i started joining church camps when i was already 14. oh well.. nways, here are some shots i took..

they were having breakfast when i arrived at 8am

the tents they set up inside.. hehe..

an intermission they insisted doing: "one way! Jesus! You're the only one that i could live for!"


Aileen said...
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Daniel said...

uy, indoor kid's camp!:)

bago yun, a? napabalik-tanaw tuloy ako nung mga chikiting pa tayo. matangkad na si dessa nun. hehehe.

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