Friday, August 10, 2007

Ang aking mga tanong at puna sa huling aklat

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILERS AHEAD.......................
1. too many people died! sows.. surprisingly, i was saddest when doby passed away. =(.. fred's death was more of a shock to me.. they're twins! how can one die?
2. at king's cross (ba yun?) dumbledore's explanation on how things happened was way too long......
3. neville's character was totally different from all the recent books.. it's like meeting him for the first time
4. when did harry first see snape's petronus(spell check)? ... aside from the time the doe showed him the sword?
5. mrs. wheasley said the B-word! (YOU B#%*H!) hehehe.... didn't see that coming.. this part is now for kids..
6. sana si luna and neville ended up together. she looks cute in the movie btw
7. snape's character had the biggest twist... may be more intriguing than harry's life.. when harry was in the pensive (ba yun?) all those memories were crammed in one chapter and one way of harry finding out the truth
thank goodness it ended well.. hehe.. when dumbledore said harry had to die, parang, um... ha? hehe.. buti nalang hindi.. book 7... i like! wachu think?


Iskoo said...

sipag magbasa, at medyo may kamahalan din ang libro, kaya sa imax ko nalang iintindihin ang istorya ni HP, hehe. musta na dessagirl?

Aileen said...

at the end, HP is still a kid's book. not for adult sensibilities. madaming loopholes saka pinilit na stuff, like how on earth was ron able to speak parseltongue through panggagaya lang?? hello? we never noticed him paying attention in the previous books.

the book was unputdownable though. but i dont know if that was because riveted ako or takot lang ako na i-spoil ni nats. spineed-read nya the saturday it came out, nung 21 july. i had to rush to finish on the following sunday tuloy else magso-spoiler sya. bad man.

as a last comment... it appears HP fandom is split about chapter "after 19"... parang dun ako sa "dislike" camp. i think overkill. she couldve done without it. thats my opinion lang naman. ;-p

dessa said...

Marami nga nagagandahan sa HP sayang nga lang at hindi ako nakapag ipon para bumili ng mga libro nya.. but i do watch some of the movies, and it's really cool! :)

dessa girl said...

iskoo: hi! ang bagal ko nga eh. halos lahat na dito sa office tapos in 3 days max! took me a week to finish dahil sobrang antok nako when i get home.. i'm doing good.. i cant wait to see all the nice shots you took. ang sarap naman ng buhay mo! traveling ever!

aileen: naku, kung ako ikaw, sobrang aawayin ko si nats! hehe.. yung mga tao dito talga, palapit palang sakin, I'M WARNING YOU! ganun nako no.. sobrang pikon.. pero tama ka dun kay ron.. parang biglang marunong na sha mag snake-lingo.. eheheh

dessa: hi! pa view naman ng blog mo.. hehe.. dont worry.. sale na yan in a few weeks. then if you buy the whole collection, masmura pa! read also.. if you like the movies, then you will love the books!

FollenKollen said...

me...I's not the best book JK wrote, parang she was pressured for an ending... hahahahaha :P

well I'm still frustrated that Harry ended with Ginny... hmmp! :P oh well... hahahahaha...

Oh yeah, I swear! the dumbledore explanation was a bit of a bore! One TOO MUCH :P

But 7 years of bonding... I love it...I love Harry Potter....

dessa girl said...

folen: naku.. forever harry and hermione ka ba? eh may kissing scene naman sila eh.. dun nga lang sa evil harry and hermione..

watson said...

I like!

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