Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chatuchak Weekend Market It!

i'm not sure if this is true but they say that the CHATUCHAK WEEKEND MARKET in Bangkok is the biggest "tianggian" in asia.. so this is a must-see for bargain hunters.. they say it's like divisoria.. for me, it' s a mixture of divi, the old greenhills shopping center, and an ugly version of tiendesitas.
during weekdays, some shops are open. but then they recommend that you go during weekends to see it in full swing. people fr the province go there to sell as well. you will find everything here.. take a look at some shots i took from my phone. was not that comfortable bringing my camera since i expected it to be really crowded..

my friends and i were looking for a place to have lunch.. we were looking for one of teh only 2 air conditioned restos in the place. the heat in bangkok is pretty much like the one we have in Maniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

Here is a sample of what a hallway would look like. swarming with people.. this is the girls clothing section.. i like! the store, junk shop had a pogi salesman! hehe.. the dude with long-hair doesnt look like he sells stuff there.. para shang model! ehehehe.. hindi bagay magtinda sa chatuchak.. may store kaya sha dito??


iris and i liked this store kasi ang cute ng mga pouch! we had difficulty though talking to the girl in charge since she doesnt know a single english word.. so we communicate thru calculator. kahit mag-barok ako ng english: "we get 3--- you give us, 30.. yes?" she would just stare! sowsss..


one of my regrets.. i saw a GOOFY puppet na wood.. sobrang collectors item! they were selling it to me for 400 baht~Last price.. that's around 600 pesos.. eh aanhin ko naman ito? sasabit ko sa pinto? magpuppet show mag-1? pero ang ganda!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the pinocchio puppet looks silly though.. and gay.. ehehe..


some students use their talent to earn money. here's a little girl playing her musical instrument and people would give her some spare change for that. there was one kid dressed as a kikay cowgirl with a super short skirt and boots and make up.. the works~dancing! and the mom was right next to her, like a pimp! gusto kong hampasin!


nways, my chatuchak trip went well.. bought lots of stuff and pasalu! i also saw some sexy stars from manilaaaaaaaaah.. dun din nagshopping..


when you visit bangkok, go see chatuchak and you will get the best bargains. wear light clothing and be prepared for thick crowds. be careful also, there are a lot of items that are cheaper when you buy them here in manilaaaaaaaaah..


master CHU said...

uy! nag-thailand kayo? (malamang!!!! bangkok nga eh. ang tanga mo chua!) astiiig!!! don't tell me business trip din yan from trends? ummm...sooo....ang init noh?

Iskoo said...

na try nyo ba yung fruits dyan sa bangkok, lalo na yung sampaloc?? ang tamis. mukhang masarap mamili dyan ah.


dessa girl said...

chu: naglamierda kami ni kagandahan at mam sue dun! oist, kelan ka uwi?

iskoo: nag uwi ako ng fresh and candy na sampaloc. yung fresh hindi ko pa natikman. yung candy definitely masarap!

reese said...

hi mam dessa! =D

nice blog!

sarap naman! shopping galore.. shoppaholic din kasi ako. :P

i link u up on my blog too po ha.. =)

dessa girl said...

aba! si laurice pala ito??? sure, i'll link you rin.

it took me a while to figure out kung sino itong first timer.. thanks for dropping by! check out nick's and pauline's blog too..

shopaholics?! hindi ako mahilig magshopping! eheheh

master CHU said...

next month na uwi nameeeeeeeen!!!!! yeah!!!!

watson said...

siguro sanchatuchak ang nabili nyo dyan ano? So mega diet ka ba ulit for your meals after shopping? hehe. Achan pachalubong ko?

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