Monday, November 12, 2007


hehe... check out my new crocs.. finally saw some gold ones.. they only cost 250!!!! can you believe? it's 6x cheaper then the original primas!! my friend, dyan, likes to call fake ones: KRAKS... hehe.. so here are my new prima kraks! super soft and super light.. just like the real ones..


maexdae said...

those look cute..i wonder where i can buy "kraks" here..hehe..i'd definitely wear those shoes.

Iskoo said...

hahacs sa wallet sa palenke 45 pesos lang, pero kung titignan mo talagang parang original. yun lang daming kaparehong gumagamit ng ganun.

jgotangco said...

Are they really that good? Yung daughter ko has real crocs and I'm tempted to get a pair yung open toe but at P1,800 mukhang dapat pag isipan hehehe

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