Thursday, November 08, 2007

dessagirl ~ thankful girl

topic during sunday worship and a small group i joined last night was about THANKFULNESS. it gave me time to reflect... and so i am most thankful for my relationships. i value them the most... my relationship with the Lord, my family, and the rest of the special people in my life.. and even if i have problems right now, i am amazed how i am still able to be thankful for the trials i face. the thought that the Lord is preparing me for greater things comes into my mind and it helps me understand why these things happen. although i dont completely understand them, being in the Lord gives you that reassurance inside you.. that things will eventually work out... my God is an Awesome GOD!!!


Anonymous said...

Amen!! whoo!!

Our suffering is easier to bear with God in our's that reassurance and I second everything you just said.

Remember the song on my blog: "And I can't understand all that You allow, I just can't see the reason. But my life is in Your hands, although I cannot see You, I choose to trust You..."

Everything is going to be all right. Remember to always look up. =D


On a different note: Do you have Twitter by any chance? I'm in it that's why. It's this website where you update what you're doing. It's on my blog check it out. =)

dessa said...

db ang bait talaga ng Diyos? His always there talaga para satin, eventhough were not worthy enough to receive his tremendous blessings... His always there to sustain us.. and i say AMEN to that! :)

dessa girl said...

AMEN to that, sisters!!!

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