Monday, September 29, 2008


its' been a while since i went to baguio.. i came back last weekend and guess what.. we had an accident in concepcion tarlac.. this is one of those places where people arent friendly.. they gang up on you and they dont help you! grrrrr.. bad experience..

was asleep when i heard a loud bang and saw our side mirror on the road.. thank God i had my seatbelt on even if i was sitting at the back.

our driver hit a motorcycle coming from the other side of the highway. turns out the guy only had a student permit and didnt really know how to drive his scooter (on a national highway). we were late for 3 hours.. had to wait for the police report and bring the dude to the hospital. sheesh..

i'll never forget this kagawad who was in shorts, a yellow shirt, and tsinelas. he took our keys and told us kagawad daw sha. my boss was super tapang: "wala akong paki alam kung kagawad kayo. akina yung susi namin. kelangan ko ng aircon!" go ma'am sue!

nanoys looking at our service.. haaay..

our busted tire

my boss, and our driver.. talking to the kid's dad.. palitan daw namin ng bago yung motor niya. haller?????

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